Degustabox August 2022

Yikes, this summer has gone fast, it’s almost September, and my husband goes back to work next week so it’s basically autumn. This box is…


Yikes, this summer has gone fast, it’s almost September, and my husband goes back to work next week so it’s basically autumn. This box is themed ‘back to school and relaxing evenings’ so it’s very timely.

Mini BN Strawberry Biscuits / BN Chocolate Biscuit

Now let’s start with the classic BN biscuit. These make me feel old as I remember when they came out. There was a big fuss over them!

The chocolate ones are lovely but the strawberry ones could have done with something extra in them. I think. They taste a bit like Jammie Dodgers. I always feel like they could do with some extra filling like a custard cream does!

Nesquik All Natural Ready To Drink

I would have preferred the chocolate version of this. I drank so much of it during my pregnancy as milk was a big craving of mine. These are handy for lunch boxes and picnics. It’s made with 93% milk and all-natural ingredients.


This deliciously creamy, malty drink, is enriched with 14 vitamins and mineral is perfect to unwind with. It’s vegan too and is a perfect before-bed drink. I will save this for the colder months as it will be lovely in the evening!

Dr. Will’s Classic Mayo

This is just a really simple, all-natural mayo. We don’t eat loads of mayo yet so this is still in the cupboard.

Ocean’s Halo Korean Barbecue Sauce

I’m very excited to try this organic kelp-based sauce. It gets its flavour from red jalapeños and sesame tahini. It’s soy-free, gluten-free and certified vegan! Going to try this with some rice dishes to spice them up a bit!

Nissin Noodles Katsu Curry

These Katsu Curry with chicken flavour and fine vegetables bring the authentic taste of Asia directly to your
home or office. A great thing to have in the cupboard for an easy lunch!

Sxollie Packham’s Triumph Perry

SXOLLIE is pronounced “Skollie” – a South African slang word for a cheeky rascal. It’s made with apples grown in the sun, it’s 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan and it’s delicious!


This is a pasta alternative and I have to say I’m not thrilled about this. I just wish we could stop making out carbs and bad and just eat the pasta. Food is meant to fuel us! 20 calories per serving is not enough.

Good Earth Pomegranate & Blueberry Kombucha

Kombucha is organic, 100% natural ingredients and with under 30 calories per can. Good Earth donates 1% of its revenue to Bright Green Future, an environmental nonprofit.

Heinz Veg Hoops

Can’t beat hoops! I actually had some for dinner today on toast. They an easy and cheap way to get a warm and healthy meal. These have got 30% more veg!

Urban Fruit Wellness Glow

If you like dried fruit, you’ll like these. They’re like little bite-sized pieces of dried fruit bursting with flavour and naturally occurring sources of Vitamin C

So that’s it for this month’s Degustabox. Which item would you most like to try?

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  1. Oh wow! Those BN biscuits are a blast from the past. They make me feel old too. lol I love Horlicks when it starts to get colder. It is a nice cosy, treat. Yes!! You are so right when it comes to pasta and carbs! 20 calories really isn’t enough for serving. x

  2. This is certainly an interesting collection of different foods and options! I do not know about that angel hair pasta either; it does not sound very filling and I would rather eat a nice, yummy plate of real pasta any day. That said, I would try the BN biscuits. 🙂

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