Four Luxury Furniture Pieces, Four Different Styles for Summer

With the schools about to break up for the six week holidays, it’s that time of year where the thoughts of every parent turn in…


With the schools about to break up for the six week holidays, it’s that time of year where the thoughts of every parent turn in one direction – what am I going to do with the kids until September?

Even when you factor in a trip away somewhere, there’s still usually a good month-plus to fill. And that’s when all prayers lead in one direction – please, please let the weather hold. At least then everyone can wile away the lazy sunny days outside in the garden.

So with that in mind, how is your garden looking ahead of the holidays? There are all the child-friendly essentials to tick off – the paddling pool, the sand pit, the bat and ball games. 

But what about for mum and dad? After all, you’re (hopefully) going to be spending just as much time out in that garden entertaining the kids. You might even be entertaining a fair bit more, inviting friends and neighbours round for play dates etc. How are things looking in your outdoor spaces for the grown ups?

If you are expecting to spend a good chunk of time between now and when the schools go back out in your garden, then why not treat yourself? Now’s as good a time as any to invest in a quality piece of garden furniture that will transform the look and feel of your outdoor area for the rest of the summer – and of course be there ready and waiting for you again come next spring.

And no, you don’t have much time to shop around and pick the perfect piece for your garden before the start of the holidays. So to help you out, luxury furniture specialist Jo Alexander has put together the following hand-picked selection of four items tailor-made for completing your summer garden. Four different items, four different styles – you take your pick which is the right one for you.

Ava Modular Sofa Set

We love modular sofa sets here at Jo Alexander. Both inside and outside the home, they offer a fantastic flexible option that lets you configure seating the way you want it – and change it up depending on the occasion, the number of people you have round etc.

The Ava modular set is a stylish option. With its gentle understated curves, the solid teak base boasts exemplary build quality and a simple but elegant design, making it a great all-rounder for any garden. Teak itself is a classic material for garden furniture. Tough and durable, its unique water resisting properties mean it is low maintenance all year round, while the warm sandy yellow timber is highly attractive and equally highly sought after.

To complement this sturdy, sophisticated base, the Ava set comes with sumptuous base and back cushions in Sunbrella performance fabric, with supersoft additional layers on the cushion inners for extra comfort and built-in seat pads that maintain their shape. You can piece together your own sofa set design from corner and mid sections. All in all, an invitation to relax in the sun in total comfort!

Seville Modular Polished Concrete Sofa

If the Ava takes the classic elements of a garden sofa set and puts them in modular form – hardwood timber frame, timelessly elegant design – the Seville gives the modular sofa concept a refreshing contemporary twist. 

As flexible and as easy to reconfigure as any modular sofa, what makes the Seville stand out from the crowd is its section bases – solid blocks of moulded, polished concrete. 

Polished concrete has made quite a stir in the world of garden furniture. Far from the brutalist building material that dominates our urban landscape, in its polished form concrete takes on a new finesse. As in this piece, the ultra-smooth finish pairs well with sharp, simple geometric lines.

Ideal for a patio, this modular sofa set has a functional elegance all of its own. And paired with plush overstuffed cushions. It’s as comfortable as any garden sofa.

Antonia Armchair

If a modular sofa seems more seating space than you are likely to need, or if you already have a garden sofa and are looking just to add a seat or two, you can’t go wrong with a stylish armchair.

The Antonia takes indoor chic outside. A generous size with dimensions of 82cm x 86.5cm x 82.5cm, the Antonia is designed to give you the space to spread out and relax. The combination of a powdered aluminium frame with teak legs makes this armchair strong, sturdy but lightweight – ideal for moving around the garden as you chase the sun throughout the day.

The synthetic close-knit wicker weave is made from Ecolene, a non-toxic, 100% recyclable woven polyethlene resin fibre. It offers the look and texture of natural rattan but lasts much longer, with none of the risk of cracking, bleaching and splitting after prolonged exposure to the sun.

To complete this fabulous armchair, it comes with base and back cushions made from Sunbrella shower resistant fabric and quick drying foam. So unlike much fibre furniture you can buy outdoors, you don’t have to worry too much about the Antonia getting an occasional soaking when the weather turns bad.

Tuscan Reclaimed Teak Lounger

Finally, what says ‘summer’ quite like a sun lounger? While the kids are cavorting around the garden, why not take the opportunity to take a load off and indulge in some sun worship – all in the guise of ‘keeping an eye on the children’?

This Tuscan teak lounger is a strong favourite both with us and our customers. The paired-down design oozes simple sophistication – you don’t need lots of fancy embellishments when the materials and the workmanship are as good as this.

The use of reclaimed teak gives these sturdy loungers an added angle of interest. Not only is reclaimed teak a very green material, the fact that every plank has a backstory having been formerly used in who knows what piece of construction adds to the sense of permanence and solidity of the whole thing. As discussed, teak is a uniquely robust and durable hardwood. These loungers will last a lifetime. 

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