Degustabox June 2022

June Degustabox was another box full of joy! It’s so hot outside and I know we don’t have much time to waste, so let’s jump…


June Degustabox was another box full of joy! It’s so hot outside and I know we don’t have much time to waste, so let’s jump in!

Sprtiz Apple & Watermelon – 275ml – J20

This was delicious! So refreshing! I had it on one evening while I was making tea. It was quite hot in the kitchen so this was really tasty to have while I was stuck in there with the oven on!

Bites Sharing Bag – Kit Kat

Yeah, these are delicious and I did not want to share these at all. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Kit Kat biscuits but I always find their chocolates so rich and indugent. Will rebuy this!

Maple Pecan Almond / Fruit & Nut – KIND

These bars have been in a few times now and they’re always handy for popping in my bag for a snack on the go.

Fish Stock Pot – Knorr

Ohhh, going to get my husband to make me a fish pie and use these. He makes the best fish pie!

Drained Quinoa / Cannellini Beans – Napolina

I’m excited about this. Especially the quinoa. I love quinoa but it can be a bit faffy to make as it gets everywhere! So these ready-to-eat cans are a great solution. I’d have it with some salad and houmous probably!

Cooking Paste – Guinness

You can use this Guinness paste in your chilli, casserole or stew for a next-level depth of rich and smoky flavour. We’ve not tried this yet but will use it in the slow cooker!

Iced Coffee Mocha – 250ml Boost

This was delicious! There’s a caramel one too that I want to try. With the heat wave coming up I’m going to grab a couple for the hot mornings!

Gently Baked Pineapple – Urban Fruit

This one gets a big thumbs up for me. I love dried pineapple and dried mango! A great high fibre snack when you have a sweet tooth.

Moroccan Grains – Whitworths Protein By Nature

I do love the idea behind this. A quick ready-to-eat pouch you can pop in the microwave and have a nice easy lunch. But it has raisins in it and I just can’t deal with that. My husband will eat this!

Chocolate & Cherry Flapjacks – Plantastic

These Plantastic Chocolate & Cherry Flapjacks are choco-luscious! It’s chocolate chips with glacé cherries and crunchy sunflower seeds for the ultimate flapjack treat. Plus they are plant-based and don’t use ingredients from animals.

I enjoyed how these tasted but I have to admit they were a bit dry!

So that’s this month’s box!

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