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Because your holiday starts at the airport #TimeToAviate

In collaboration with CallCare, all views are my own. How many people take a photo of their pint of beer at the airport? Once you’ve…


In collaboration with CallCare, all views are my own.

How many people take a photo of their pint of beer at the airport? Once you’ve checked your bags in and gone through security, it’s time to relax and start enjoying your holiday.

A lot of people have not been having the same enjoyable start to their holiday this year. I am sure you have all heard about the chaos that is unfolding at airports due to staff shortages. The travel industry has been hit hard during covid as many workers lost their jobs and moved to other sectors. Now there are just not enough people to cope with demand and employing new people is a lengthy process. There’s security clearing and training to complete first and that can take months.

Airports have requested that airlines cancel flights to prevent delays and further chaos, so customer service for airports and airlines has never been more important.

The whole thing has got me thinking about my own airport experience and how I really value good service and ease of use both at the airport and on my flight.

Here are the things I look for in great customer service

The best customer experience for airports and airlines

Being able to make contact

I won’t call a company if I can help it. Why is that? Well, you usually have to go through a long automated speech and pick from a bunch of options which never seem to be related to your query, then you get put on hold to find out you have come through to the wrong department, so get passed around a few times.

No thank you.

My favourite way to contact a company these days is Live Chat. If they don’t have Live Chat, I wouldn’t mind having a conversation on Twitter about it!

Self-service check-in

We used this at Melbourne airport and it was amazing. The process was simple and meant we didn’t have to stand and wait as we did at Manchester airport to be checked in at a normal desk.

This really would enhance customer experience if this could get rolled out at more airports. Boarding passes and passports are checked during security and before boarding so there’s no security risk by having self-service check-ins. I’ve been stuck in so many check-in queues so it would benefit loads of people.

Good communication via email

I’d love things to be emailed to me directly, rather than having to log in to get the details. I’d also like reminders via email and text of when you can check in online and select your seats as I have forgotten about this before and had to sit at the other end of the plane with my husband!

Free Wifi

Wifi should be free at airports! There’s usually the chance to use the airport wifi for free for a short time, but it’s never enough.

I think if you get delayed, you should be entitled to free Wifi so you can at least entertain yourself! Delays are not fun so anything pass the time is helpful.

Plus and USB ports

Some seats in the airports have USB ports and plugs but they are usually occupied, I would love to see more of these so

Clear Signage

I love large and clear signage, as well as those full maps of a place that says ‘you are here’ so you an get your bearings. Some airports really big with lots of shops and bars and it can be overwhelming.

So these are the most important thing for me when I go on holiday.

How about you?


  1. Yes to all of this – holidays start the minute you are through security and customer service is vital.
    We were lucky flying out of the Manchester earlier this year, but coming back from America was hell on earth – delayed 52 hours in Amsterdam as the connection was cancelled, had to pay for a hotel and clothes out of our own pocket. Put in a claim two months ago – no response since, no one will tell me how long it’s going to take. I appreciate there’s a lot of people in the same boat but some indication would be nice, I’d never fly with KLM again

  2. Yupp! I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to holidays. I think we’re going to try and get away next year when hopefully things will be a bit easier. Taking two small children away for the first time already sounds stressful, I don’t want to add to it if I can help it. X

  3. I’ve only done self service check in once but it was great I’m all for it! I also much prefer live chat to being on the phone, it’s easier to be getting on with other things if you have a bit of a wait too!
    Amy x

  4. I don’t really tend to fly, I think the last time I was on a plane was probably in 2015! But I totally appreciate the importance of a relaxing time because it does get a bit hectic and stressful at airports. Charging ports would definitely be something I would like, as well as free wifi. I agree with you about not wanting to call too x

  5. I absolutely love Live Chat options as it is so quick to reach out and get a reply quickly! I am also in agreement that wifi should be free and there should be plenty of charging ports. 🙂

  6. I agree with all of this! I definitely think free wifi should be a thing at all airports (especially when delayed), it’s so important to keep in contact with people and of course pass the time. Online check in services should be used more too! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts x

  7. We definitely think that the airport is a massive part of the holiday – it really sets the tone for how it’s going to go! Definitely agree with all the aspects of your post. We also love a premium airport lounge before heading off somewhere long haul – get away from the crowds and just chill.

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