Top 10 Swizzels Sweets

AD| Ohhh Swizzels, the classic British sweets! These sweets are such a massive part of growing up in the UK. I don’t understand why we…


AD| Ohhh Swizzels, the classic British sweets! These sweets are such a massive part of growing up in the UK. I don’t understand why we don’t talk about this more?

I have so many fond memories of Swizzels sweets. Getting a Double Lolly in party bag or having those big bumper bags and eating all the Parma Violets first (don’t hate me!). Swizzels accompanied me on 7-hour car journeys to Devon for our yearly caravan holidays. They were sneaked into my Mum’s handbags at the cinema when we went to see Spice World The Movie. There are just so many fun memories associated with these sweets.

Even though I’m older now, eating these sweets still brings back memories and reminds me of my childhood!

So I thought it would be a bit of fun to put my top 10 Swizzels sweets in order and ask what you all think about them.

Top 10 Swizzels Sweets

10. Fizzers

Fizzers are always the last sweets I eat when I have a packet of Swizzels sweets. Although I do enjoy them when I eat them! I always eat the yellow and green first and save the white and pink ones until last.

9. Drum Stick

Drum sticks are a classic. If you think about it, it’s quite a unique texture and shape for a lolly but that’s probably what makes them so good. Plus the red and yellow packaging is ICONIC.

8. Refresher bar

Whoever thought of putting sherbert in the middle of a chew bar is genius. Chew bars don’t get enough attention in my opinion, what a great invention. The original lemon ones are nice but I’m all about the pink strawberry refresher bars.

7. Love Hearts

What is it about getting excited about reading the messages on these sweets? I’m in my 30’s and still look for the messages like ‘cute’ and ‘you’re mine’ and give them to my husband, giggling like a shy school girl!

I’ve only just realised you can buy wedding favours of Love Hearts that have your date and names on, or big rolls with guests’ names on for name place cards. Amazing!

6. Red Fruity Pop

Swizzels makes 180 million fruity pops a year. The most popular flavour is the red strawberry one and it’s such a staple in my Swizzels diet and one that I always reach for (I usually leave the yellow and orange ones!).

5. Double Lolly

Double lollies have two flavours together, a top and a bottom half. My favourite combinations are pink and orange (cherry and orange). If all Double Lollies were this flavour it would probably be higher as I adore that cherry and orange combo.

4. Purple Fruity Pop Lolly

This one deserves to be seperate from the red one. The Purple Fruity Pop is my all-time favourite lolly.

3. Rainbow Drops

Rainbow drops are probably the sweets that give me the most nostalgia. I LOVED these growing up and would often eat them on a Saturday evening. We always had sweets on a Saturday to watch Saturday night TV such as the Gladiators and Noel Edmonds Funhouse! I do buy them every so often in multipacks at the supermarket.

2. Double Dip

Yessss! Double Dips are amazing. The yellow candy stick serves as a spoon to school the orange and sherbert into your mouth. I usually open the orange side first, eat that, and then move on to the cherry. My yellow scoop is usually gone by then, so I pour the rest of the fizzy sherbert into my mouth. It’s the best.

1. Parma Violets

Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say itttttt.

I know Parma Violets are controversial and many people don’t like them, but I adore them. I really enjoy that floral-like scent. The best thing about them is not many people like them, so it means they’re always leftover. My husband doesn’t like them either which is good news for me as I just cannot get enough!

I have been known to buy massive bags of these in bulk.

Check out the Swizzels shop, where they do everything from 3kg bulk bags to personalised sweets.

What are your favourite Swizzels sweets?


  1. Ha! I never thought I’d spend time reading about sweets on a blog. I loved every bit of it. Great post. I’d love to try the drum sticks! Funny shape.

  2. Oh, my goodness these bring back some memories! I wish I could eat this kind of stuff still as I always enjoyed the fizz and/or flavours! I love the idea of getting a whole box too — great selection (the Refreshers were always my favourite)!

  3. Ooh I love Swizzels! It was really interesting reading your order – I’m with you for the purple lollies being the best.If it makes you feel any better parma violets are my all time favourite too, haha – although love hearts are a close second! It’s crazy you can get those in wedding favours, I never knew that but I’ll definitely be looking into it. Thank you so much for sharing x

  4. Do you know, I have never had Swizzels, so I just loved reading about your top ten flavors and how each one brings back different memories! The colorful wrappings and assortment of different flavors and textures are so interesting that I cannot wait to explore the shop and see what my options are. 🙂

  5. I’m actually salivating!! Haha. Parma Violets are the worst for me. Eeep. And yes to getting swizzels in party bags. That was so iconic. What a fab colab my love! Thanks for making me hungry!! X

  6. Rainbow drops are definitely my fave and thank you for reminding me that they exist!
    Amy x

  7. Swizzels are fab sweets. I have so many fond memories of them too. I think my all time favourite is the Drum Stick lollies or the Rainbow drops. Yum, yum. They were my Saturday night sweets too when I was a child. x

  8. Swizzles do some of the best sweets! Drumsticks and refreshers honestly cannot be beaten haha!

    Courtney x

  9. The only ones I have tried is Fizzers, pretty sure I have not seen the others before. I find that interesting, see what is available in other countries.

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