How to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

AD| In June, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. The event will take place across a 4-day…


AD| In June, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. The event will take place across a 4-day weekend from Thursday 2nd June – to Sunday 5th June.

The Queen is an iconic figure and to celebrate 70 years of service is amazing! It’s certainly something we will never see again in our lifetime. I’m not sure what we will be doing during the Jubilee, we have no plans as of yet but I’ve been looking into some ways to celebrate.

Here are some things you can do to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Union jack bunting to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

Host a party

Check out The Ultimate Jubilee Party Checklist from Chums if you want to host your own Jubilee. Hosting a party can be stressful but it’s so rewarding! If we had a bigger garden I’d love to host a garden party! Although the weather always makes it a bit of a gamble, doesn’t it?

Plan your outfit

The colours of the Union Jack – red, white and blue are the colours you need to focus your outfit around. You can go subtle by just wearing red and blue socks, or you can get bold by wearing clothes that actually have the Union Jack on them!

British phone box

Have fun with accessories

You can get lots of accessories to go with your outfit to celebrate the Jubilee. You can get fake crowns, masks of the Queen, headbands with Union Jack crowns, hats and more!


If you’re planning on having a garden party, bunting is a must. Whether you go for Union Jack, red white and blue or something else, it’s a cute way to decorate your garden for a Jubilee party.

Craft with your kids

If you have little ones, get crafting with them! Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your own crown
  • Paint a Union Jack
  • DIY bunting
  • Make a castle out of toilet roll tubes and cardboard
  • Bake red, white and blue cakes
  • Have a tea party

Watch The Crown

The Crown is such a good TV show. Although its dramatised it is based on historical events that portray the Queen’s reign. It’s so interesting to see what duties the royals get up to and learn more about them, as well as learn about some history on the way. Though it can be hard to remember that it’s not all of it actually happened!

British flags to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

Check out local events

We have a few events going on in our village to celebrate the Jubilee as a community, as well as special offers on meals at local pubs. It’s worth checking out Facebook Comunity Pages.

Teach your children

If you have children, this is a great opportunity to teach them about the Royal family and the role they play in our country.

Have an afternoon tea

There’s nothing more British than afternoon tea, is there? So book yourself in for one and enjoy those cream and jam scones!

How will you celebrate?


  1. I’d love to say I’m going to a party, but the only thing I’ll be doing is sitting on the sofa watching The Crown haha!
    Amy x

  2. Great tips! I’m sure it will help people to have a blast celebrating the platinum jubilee. Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are such good ideas! I got a message off the school this morning asking us to make jubilee crowns for the kids to bring in on Monday, so we’ll be doing that over the weekend. We’re not really for the royals, I can give or take them (sorry not sorry) but it’s been lovely hearing Amelia come home and talk about stuff as she’s been learning about them this week.

  4. There are some great ideas here! I think we’ll probably put up some bunting and have a little buffet or something. I definitely need to try watching the crown again. I did watch the first episode a while ago but I couldn’t get into it x

  5. One of my friends from my Danish class is from England and she is actually flying to London this weekend to celebrate the jubilee. These are all great ideas on how to celebrate!

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