Get a Healthy Scalp and Strong Hair Naturally. Is That Possible?

AD| Yes, it is possible. And not only is it possible, but it is also budget and environmentally friendly, and it can work better than…


AD| Yes, it is possible. And not only is it possible, but it is also budget and environmentally friendly, and it can work better than some of the highly-priced products on the market.

I have been using home remedies to keep my hair looking healthy and beautiful for years, and in today’s blog, I will share my secrets with you.

Using Ammonia-Free Hair Colour

If you are a lady who colours her hair and are concerned about the damage the hair dye does to your hair, you can try to implement all the tips I have provided above, but there is one more thing. Go for ammonia-free hair dye. 

Ammonia has so many destructive effects on your hair, from destroying the tyrosine within your hair (a protein found in the human hair) to causing inflammation to your hair follicles, damaging your hair and your overall health.

I have switched to ammonia-free hair colour and have seen a great improvement in my hair. My colour stays longer, my hair feels lighter and more ‘alive’, and the whole process of colouring my hair feels much more pleasant, as there are no toxic fumes. 

Brands like Crazy Colour offer an impressive range of ammonia-free hair colours and toners. You can get a new look for your hair without comprehending its health.

Browse Crazy colour’s selection of ammonia-free hair colours here.

Rainwater For a Softer and Better Washed Hair

Did you know that rainwater is the purest form of soft water? Rain is considered ‘soft’ water, and unlike the ‘hard’ water (tap water), it doesn’t dry out your hair. It can also clean and remove product build-up from your hair better, making it softer and healthier looking.

That doesn’t mean rainwater doesn’t have any chemicals in it, and it does, but they are not as harsh as the chemicals found in tap water. 

What I do is, whenever it rains, I collect rainwater in a bucket, and I strain the water to remove any small particles in it, and I use it to wash my hair. 

Honey for Hair Growth

Honey is one of the main ingredients in hair products, and it’s no wonder why. It can contribute to the growth of your hair and can help in the fight with dandruff. It can work better than your typical hair conditioner and naturally clarify your hair.

You can apply honey on your scalp or the length of your hair, depending on what you want to treat.

I do my honey treatment by applying warm honey to the length of my hair or the scalp and leaving it for up to an hour. The warmth of the honey will open your hair pores so that the healthy ingredients will soak in better.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Strong and Shiny Hair

Apple cider vinegar has so many internal and external benefits for your health and well-being that it is considered a superfood. But did you know that it can also make your hair look amazing?

It has antimicrobial properties that can help reduce the number of bacteria on your scalp, which can reduce dandruff and irritation. It can reduce your hair’s PH, keeping its acidity at healthy levels, and reduce hair breakage. As someone who regularly uses it, I think it is great to include it in your hair care routine.

One of the many great things about it is super easy to use. You can spray it on damp hair and let it dry naturally (don’t worry about the smell, it goes away once the hair is fully dry), or you can wash your hair with it and then rinse it with cold water.

Homemade Rose Water for Better-Looking Hair

Roses are considered to be the queens of the flower world. They look beautiful, smell beautiful, and the different colour variations have various symbolic meanings. But the good things about them don’t end there. Roses have many benefits for our skin and hair.

Rosewater is used in medicine as well as in cosmetics. Using rose water on your hair regularly will significantly improve its condition. 

You can either buy rose water from the shop or make it yourself. Make it yourself by adding rose petals and distilled water to a pot and bringing it to simmer for 20-30 minutes. The rose water is ready when the rose petals have lost their colour and have turned pale.

You can spray it on damp hair, let it dry naturally, and wait for the miracle to happen.

All in All

You don’t need to spend a fortune on hair products to make your hair turn heads. We often have the solution in front of us, so why not give it a try. Natural beauty remedies have been used for centuries and have proven to perform miracles. 

I hope you find this blog useful and try my hair care tips.

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