Dining Room Furniture Trends in 2022

AD| The global pandemic has changed everyone’s routine and daily life, making us implement changes in our home interiors. Now that we spend more time…


AD| The global pandemic has changed everyone’s routine and daily life, making us implement changes in our home interiors. Now that we spend more time at home, it is essential to make sure it is comfortable, cosy, and functional at the same time.

And since the dining room is where all the family gathers, it is vital to make it feel warm, secure, and comfortable for everyone. In today’s blog, I will be talking about the Dining Room trends in 2022.

Switch the Boring Square Table with a Round Table

If you plan to buy new furniture for your dining room, why don’t you go for a round table instead of a square or rectangular one? No matter what material you choose, replace all sharp corners with soft shapes. This will create a more informal and intimate atmosphere, plus interior design trends in 2022 are all about spherical, curved shapes.

Another great benefit of going for a round table is that it is also suitable for a smaller space. So if you have a space in your home that you are not sure what to do with, you can make it a small dining area using a round table. I think round tables are very suitable for friendly gatherings and intimate conversations because everyone can see each other, and I also can’t deny there’s something so elegant about the round table.

If interested, you can browse a selection of round tables here.

Marble for the Ultimate Luxury Feeling

If you love lavish and luxurious interiors, you can go for a table with a marble top. Marble comes in different colours and patterns, so you will easily find something for your taste. A great benefit of the marble is that it is not only easy to clean, but it is super easy to maintain. In other words, it is perfect!

Real marble is usually on the more expensive side, so if it is out of your budget, you can find great looking tables with plastic marble imitating top or tables made with quartz stone, as it looks very similar to marble and is often mistaken for it.

Classic Wooden Top Tables are Here to Stay

You can never go wrong with a classic wooden table, whether round, square, or rectangular. These tables are always in trend and look good with every interior design style, whether classic, boho, industrial, or any other aesthetic.

Lately, we have seen the wooden table with a roughly cut top increasing in popularity. It is another classic that can be incorporated into every interior design style that you can have for years, and it will still look good!

Dining Chairs-What the Trend is in 2022

A Mix of Textures and Styles

The days when tables and chairs had to be from the same style or a set are long gone. Today mixing textures, styles, fabrics, and patterns can add warmth and personality to the dining room. What about patchwork chairs with multiple patterns and fabrics with a wooden table with black metal feet?

This year chairs will be out of the ordinary with unusual patterns, bold colour palettes and ornaments, so why don’t you try experimenting?

Bench as an Alternative to the Chairs

It sounds very unusual, and some might even consider it unstylish, but dining benches are the most exclusive trend of 2022. They are great because they can fit more people and look very elegant. Benches are a great way to save some space, and you just put them under the table while not using them.

You can experiment and make a combination of chairs on the one side of the table and a bench on the other side of the table, or you can put benches on the longer side of the table and chairs on the shorter side of the table. It allows you to create something unique.

Upholstered Chairs

Let’s be honest. It is way more comfortable sitting on an upholstered chair than sitting on a metal or wooden one. They are not only comfortable; they add style and class to the room’s aesthetics and can be matched with the curtains or the carpet. 

Colourful velvet chairs are super trendy in 2022, and they can make an ordinary space into an elegant and exciting room.

To Sum it Up

Whether you want to refresh your dining room’s look or plan to create a dining space in your home, it is always a good idea to check the current trends and ‘steal’ some ideas. 

Overall the dining room trends in 2022 encourage you to be brave and experiment with your ideas and vision, so don’t hesitate and go on using your imagination to the fullest when it comes to the interior.

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