What to get someone for their anniversary

It can be hard to know where to start when thinking about what to get someone for their anniversary, you can opt for something simple…


It can be hard to know where to start when thinking about what to get someone for their anniversary, you can opt for something simple such as a unique 2nd wedding anniversary card from Boomf or even get creative and make something yourself! There are loads of ideas out there, the trick is finding something that suits the couple you have in mind.

2nd wedding anniversary card

Anniversary gifts by year

You can go traditional and pick something to reflect the traditional anniversary gifts. Here are the first 10 anniversaries:

  • 1st Anniversary – Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary – Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary – Leather
  • 4th Anniversary – Fruit or Flowers
  • 5th Anniversary – Wood
  • 6th Anniversary – Candy or Iron
  • 7th Anniversary – Wool or Copper
  • 8th Anniversary – Pottery or Bronze
  • 9th Anniversary – Willow or Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary – Tin or Aluminum

You can get something like this 2nd Anniversary Card | Boomf. This 2nd wedding anniversary card is a great play on the 2nd-anniversary traditional gift – cotton. It’s always nice to stick to these traditional ideas in use. Though to only celebrate them at the big milestones such as silver, gold and diamond.

These can be fairly inexpensive as well as really thoughtful! As well as the 2nd wedding anniversary card, Boomf has cards suitable for all anniversaries!

2nd wedding anniversary card

Take them out for a meal

Sometimes spending time together is a great gift, so why not take the couple out for a meal? As we get older, it can be harder to find time to socialise when we have families, work and other commitments.

Offer to look after the kids

If the couple is craving a bit of alone time, offer to watch their children for an afternoon so they can go out to the spa or for a meal. Even a drink at the pub for an hour can be time for them to connect and spend some time completely alone!

Homeware voucher

I don’t know about you but I’m hot for homeware! It can be nice to get a voucher from somewhere like John Lewis, Next or Argos so you can spend some money on something new for the house. Stick that voucher inside the 2nd wedding anniversary card, they always go down well!

2nd wedding anniversary card
2nd wedding anniversary card

Personalised cards

Whether it’s a 2nd wedding anniversary card or a 22nd wedding anniversary card, a personalised card is always a cute gift! You can use photos you’ve taken of the couple, or memories of you together. Even better if you have some from their wedding day!

What’s the ideal gift for you? Would you like something like the clever 2nd wedding anniversary card or something else?

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