Things you should know before getting a cat

AD| I still remember the day we got our cat, Annabelle. Getting a new pet is an exciting time, but it’s not a decision that…


AD| I still remember the day we got our cat, Annabelle. Getting a new pet is an exciting time, but it’s not a decision that should be made quickly. Caring for a cat is a big responsibility, but it’s also so rewarding. Cats can be great companions, our cat gives us so much joy and love. However, they can also be expensive and require time and energy to take care of them properly.

Many people struggle with the cat/dog dilemma! I’m just here to say that you don’t need to pick a side. You can be both a cat lover and a dog lover at the same time. Many people do own both a cat and a dog.

We got a cat because they are more independent and suited our lifestyle better. We got Annabelle when we both worked full time and were out of the house during the day.

Things you should know before getting a cat

Caring for Your Cat’s Physical Health

Cats are naturally more independent than dogs and may not be as vocal about when they are not feeling well. It is important to pay attention to your cat’s behaviour and physical health to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and living a long life.

The most common reason for a vet visit is because a cat has been hit by a car or attacked by another animal – cats often get into fights and scraps with other local cats! The best thing you can do is get pet insurance so any unexpected vet bills will be covered. Cats may need surgery or treatment for injuries or illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, or cancer. Our cat has a rare form of kidney disease and the tests she needed for diagnosis were expensive.

When we got our cat, she was 5 years old and had never been to the vet. The first thing we did was take her to the vet, get her vaccines and got her spayed.

We are also on a plan for her flea and worming treatment, where the vet gives us a few months’ worth at a time and we pay monthly for this.

Caring for Your Cat’s Emotional Wellness

Allow your cat with plenty of opportunities to spend time outside. Cats are naturally curious animals and they need an outlet for their energy. They love the sun, so make sure your cat has access to rooms where the sun is shining through the windows so they can rest in the warm sunshine.

Give your cat with at least one litter box per cat in the household. This will help keep the cats from feeling stressed about where they should go to relieve themselves. They also need to be kept clean as they prefer clean ones to dirty ones. Don’t get upset if you change the littler and they instantly use it!

Make sure that all of your cats have a safe place that they can call their own. Cats like to have a sense of control over their surroundings and if they don’t have this, it can lead to anxiety or stress which can be detrimental for their health. Our cat has a few spots in our house, the bed and by the kitchen window are hers for sure.

cat laying down

How to Properly Feed Your Cat

We feed our cat twice a day with a combination of wet and dry food. Wet food is good because it has more moisture content than dry food, which keeps the cat hydrated and helps prevent kidney disease. Dry food is good for their teeth. Hypoallergenic cat food is also a great option.

We have the dry food out all of the time.


There are lots of cat toys and gadgets out there. You can buy lots of different toys and find your cat isn’t interested in them, so start with simple things first.

For us, our cat loves a long stick with a piece of fluff, bell or feather on the end. We waft it about and she loves hiding and pouncing on it. Once you find a toy your cat likes, just buy lots of spares and don’t worry about trying new toys.

cute cat

Cat beds

Cats are strange indeed. When we first got our cat, We got her a cat bed and she would not go near it. If we put her on it, she would avoid touching it. She just wanted to sleep on the bed. Eventually, we could get her to go on it by putting her blanket over it.

Cats will sleep where they please so don’t be surprised if they reject the bed you bought them!

Lap cat!

When a cat sits only on our lap, it really does feel like the best compliment. But don’t force them to sit on you. Let them come to you in their own time. It took a few months for our cat to sit on us and now she loves laying on our legs.

Every cat is different and some are more snuggly than others!


  1. I love dogs too but just like you a cat suits our lifestyle much better! Our cat goes in the litter tray as soon as it’s been cleaned pretty much EVERY time haha!
    Amy x

  2. I’m actually neither a cat nor a dog person… My husband is definitely a dog person. Why I’m neither I don’t know lol. I didn’t have pets growing up (minus a week where we gerbil-sat for my Uncle) and so many it’s just not a thing. We’ve talked about having pets and we did have Guinea Pigs for a little while (until one passed away and the other went to live with my Mother in Law who had her own Guinea Pigs so he wasn’t by himself), but pets are a big responsibility and just something that doesn’t fit in with us at the moment.

    My best friend had rescue cats growing up. One of whom loved to jump on your chest or back while you were asleep and would head butt you to get your attention. On a couple of occasions, he’d get right up and head butt me in the face… that was interesting waking up to a cat eyeballing me lol.

    My husband would love a dog. He really likes the look of a Finnish Laphund. I wanted an English Sheepdog (think Dulux dog) or a Dalmatian (of course I’d pick the hard work breeds) when I was younger but having looked into it they are both either hard work to upkeep or hard work to keep occupied. For now I’ll stick to no pets or little things like Guinea pigs or hamsters lol.

    Whatever the animal it takes preparation to make sure, us humans do right by our pets and take care of them properly.

  3. I’ve got a cat and my word he was hard work at first because he had a tough start to his little life before we adopted him but now he’s so happy and affectionate it’s so rewarding

  4. We’ve never had cats, always dogs, but definitely agree there’s a difference in lifestyle choices for both. We could never have Willow if we both worked full time. X

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