The Perfect Nighttime Routine

AD. We are all well aware of the importance of going to bed on time and enjoying good sleep quality at night. However, without a…


AD. We are all well aware of the importance of going to bed on time and enjoying good sleep quality at night. However, without a proper nighttime routine, it is simply impossible even to fall asleep, leaving alone a good sleep quality. Poor sleep can lead to several health consequences, and you will wake up late and in a groggy mood almost every other day.

The truth is that our brain needs about two hours to prepare before the actual bedtime. You need to give rest to those billions of neurons that have been busy the whole day to keep you working and active. Some bad habits can keep you awake, such as sleeping on wet hair or watching late-night shows on your gadgets. In addition, our minds and thoughts are forever ridden with health worries, stress from loneliness or financial concerns, and other issues.

Nevertheless, regardless of what is happening in the world, we should pay close attention to our activities during the late evening hours and practice a good nighttime routine to fall asleep in time and enjoy a good quality sleep.

Here are some tips on how to set a perfect nighttime routine for yourself.

Plan and finish all your chores

Set aside some time in the evening to complete all your chores and even those that you need to do in the morning. That will keep your mind relaxed and free of any anxieties about those chores, and you are bound to get a good start the next day.

Eat an early light dinner

Avoid heavy foods and big meals at nighttime as they can disrupt sleep as well as our digestion. So, eat something light during dinner to avoid any acid refluxes late at night. Moreover, your body will spend its energy healing itself instead of focusing on how to digest the heavy meal you just had.

 Avoid caffeine and stay hydrated

 Drink enough water before you go to bed to stay well hydrated and avoid drinking any coffee or tea after four in the evening. Caffeine can stay in the system for five to six hours and can keep you awake. If you must, have a soothing herbal tea and drink water to avoid feeling sluggish.

Follow a personal care routine 

No matter how tired you are, take a warm bath about two hours before bed and use an exfoliating toner on your face and body to feel completely refreshed. Pay close attention to your hand and feet. Doing those simple things can raise the chances of enjoying good quality sleep.

Make a habit to switch off all your gadgets

 Even if it is tough, and you might not want to miss out on your favourite show on your computer or tablet or TV, you need to prioritize yourself and your sleep time. The blue light emitted by hand-held devices negatively impacts sleep quality.

Some relaxing activities 

 Read a book or listen to your favourite music when you lied down on your bed. Think about the next day with positivity and look ahead with feelings of gratitude. Having those thoughts is sure to keep your mind relaxed, and you will fall asleep within no time.

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