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March Degustabox 2022

AD| The months seem to be flying by, can’t believe it’s time again to take a look at the latest Degustabox food subscription box. Let’s…


AD| The months seem to be flying by, can’t believe it’s time again to take a look at the latest Degustabox food subscription box. Let’s jump right in!

March Degustabox 2022
March Degustabox 2022 Aqua Libra Sparking Water

Aqua Libra Sparking Water

This is sparkling water infused with a refreshing blend of Blood Oranges and juicy Mango and Raspberry & Blackcurrant.

The water is infused with Nature’s ingredients and add some sparkle. There’s no sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial in the drinks. Just sparkling water, natural fruit flavours and a dash of lemon.

They are very light and refreshing drinks but I do feel like they were missing bit of sweetness in them! They tasted a bit bitter.

March Degustabox 2022 Hellmann's Salad dressing

Hellmann’s Salad dressing

This Caesar Salad Dressing sounds so indulgent dressing with the added garlic! I love Hellman’s dresses and we buy them often.

The fat free one is lighter, with only 7 calories per serving.

March Degustabox 2022 Aero Milk Melts

Aero Milk Melts

These were my favourite thing in the box. They were delicious! They are bitesize buttons of Aero® bubbly milk chocolate. Made from our iconic, effortless, melt in the mouth aerated chocolate.

Will buy these again for sure.

March Degustabox 2022 Nature Valley Full Mix Bar 40g Cranberry and PB

Nature Valley Full Mix Bar 40g Cranberry and PB

I bet this was so good but my partner ate it so we will never know.

March Degustabox 2022 KETTLE® Chips Sea Salt & Crushed Black

KETTLE® Chips Sea Salt & Crushed Black

Made with Real Food Ingredients, KETTLE Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorn is the perfect addition to any occasion. We buy these all the time, they’te often on half price at Tesco. I love them so much, such a crunch and so much flavour!

March Degustabox 2022 Borna Foods

Borna Foods

This is the first and only 100% natural pistachio milk alternative! As well as being low-fat, dairy-free, and gluten-free, this drink is also enriched with Vitamin B12 and Calcium. It has the most delicious, nuttiest taste and the creamiest texture.

I have to admit that it wasn’t for me. We didn’t end up drinking this as neither of us liked it.

March Degustabox 2022 Yogi Tea Senses

Yogi Tea Senses

This unique YOGI TEA® is inspired by aromatherapy and the power of essential oils. The tea contain precious, naturally pure plant essences. Lovingly combined with herbs and spices, a very special tea experience comes to life. All ingredients are 100% organic.

I’m not a fan of flavoured tea but my partner will drink this.

March Degustabox 2022 Exante Snack Bites

Exante Snack Bites

Under 100kcal each, exante Snack Bites are high protein balls packed with real plant-based ingredients. Available in Carrot Cake and Lemon & Coconut, perfect for when those snack cravings hit. The right balance of sweet, chewy and moreish, they are ideal for anybody not letting snacking derail their health journey.

Sadly I don’t lke coconut so didn’t enjoy this. The carrot cake ones sound yum though!

March Degustabox 2022 Pizza Express Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce

Pizza Express Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce

We love a dipping sauce here. I’ve not got around to using this yet as we have ha lot of sauces already open but I’m sure it’s yummy!

March Degustabox 2022 Shreddies The Honey One

Shreddies The Honey One

Introducing Shreddies The Honey One – Delicious 4 layers of whole grain squares gently covered with real velvety honey to hit the sweet spot and get you ready for those busy mornings. 

These got a massive thumbs up from the whole family!

March Degustabox 2022 Knorr Zero Salt Beef Cubes

Knorr Zero Salt Beef Cubes

Knorr has launched a category-first Zero Salt stock cubes bringing flavour to family dinners. Made with carefully selected vegetables, herbs, and spices as well as beef from responsible farms to give you rich flavour without the salt. Available in Vegetable, Beef and free range Chicken the range is Netmums accredited.

So that’s this months box!

Remember you can get £3 off your own Degustabox with the discount code: P1B7T!


  1. What a fab box with lots of variety! I love those Aero Chocolate Melts too, they’re so yummy (but very moreish haha). I’m a big fan of flavoured tea and I’ve actually been meaning to look for some different brands to try so I’ll definitely check out YOGI tea x

  2. I absolutely love Kettle crisps, I try not to buy them unless I have people coming over otherwise I just eat the whole bag haha
    Amy x

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