Leo’s Kidvelo Balance Bike Review

AD| Leo getting a balance bike was always going to happen. It was just a matter of when. So I snapped up the chance to…


AD| Leo getting a balance bike was always going to happen. It was just a matter of when. So I snapped up the chance to review a Kidvelo balance bike.

Leo’s dad is a keen cyclist and we have spoken many times about how we would love him to learn to ride a bike early so we can go on bike rides with him! He has a baby bike which is getting a bit small for him now so it’s time to think about moving up.

Kidvelo Balance Bike Review

Benefits of a balance bike

Back in my day, we had bikes with stabilisers, but balance bikes are becoming more popular. Balance bikes are a great way for kids to learn how to ride and provide a fun way of learning the balance necessary for riding a bike.

Balances bikes help develop a toddler’s coordination and motor skills and give children independence and the freedom to explore. They help kids learn how to balance on two wheels without having anything holding them up. This will make it easier for them when they finally do get on a bicycle and ride without the support of any device.

Balance bikes are natural for toddlers. They help them learn skills such as turning and balancing and give them a lot of freedom!

Kidvelo Balance Bike Review

Our Kidvelo balance bike

We were sent the Rookie 12 Kidvelo balance bike. The bike is available in green, blue, red and pink. It is the smallest bike in the range and is marketed for ages 1 year – to 4.5 years old thanks to the adjustable seat which goes from 30cm – 44cm. There are two larger bikes for older children with have the option to add pedals after the child has mastered the balance bike and is ready to transition.

The bike is easy to assemble, even my husband (who isn’t the best at DIY (sorry love!)) managed to do it without too much fuss.

The bike doesn’t have breaks as these can be tricky for younger kids to control, instead, they put their feet down to control the bike which goes with their natural instinct. The saddle is designed for small hips and padded for their comfort, it tilts forward and has a carry handle for parents to hold. The handlebars are also comfortable and have a good grip on them and a little bike bell which is very cute. It’s such a lightweight balance bike and a great way to introduce him to cycling.

Kidvelo Balance Bike Review

Leo’s thoughts on his Kidvelo balance bike

Leo is short so not quite able to touch the floor, in these photos the seat is higher just so he can comfortably put his feet on the footrest as we whizz him around. Leo is currently 17 months old and his height is around 80cm. In a few cms, he will be able to reach the floor fully when the seat is on the lowest setting. Obviously, we will get him a helmet and knee & elbow pads when he starts to use them independently!

For now, we are enjoying helping him ride around the garden and get used to the feel of the bike. He loves it, as you can tell from his face. He is such a little thrill-seeker! The faster the better! He is obsessed with the bell, too and always dings it.

Kidvelo Balance Bike Review

We have loads of areas with man-made dirt/sand paths away from the road near us so we will be able to teach him how to use the bike properly this summer.

Once Leo is able to ride the bike on his own, I’ll update this post with a few new photos and how he’s getting on with it.


  1. Aw. Some gorgeous pica of Leo here. My Dad dad bought Amelia a balance bike for Christmas a couple of years ago and she loves it, she still uses it now even though she has a bike with stabilisers. She zooms around so fast on it now. Scarily fast!

    Claire. X

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