Sneaky Signs You’re Less Healthy Than You Think

AD. Life expectancy in the UK has increased, with the statistics indicating 82.7 years for females and 78.7 years for males. While this is good…


AD. Life expectancy in the UK has increased, with the statistics indicating 82.7 years for females and 78.7 years for males. While this is good news, you still have to be mindful of how you live. Too often, the things you brush off maybe what you should pay critical attention to. Certain sneaky signs could indicate a larger underlying problem, and the sooner it’s attended to, the better. These are some examples to consider.

  1. You bruise easily

Bruising is pretty common throughout different age groups, but the problem lies in the frequency. When you find bruises from the least impact to the skin, there may be cause for concern. Indeed, nobody expects you to have skin as tough as steel. However, a good amount of resistance to bruises says a lot about your epidermis. According to dieticians and physicians, easily bruised skin may result from chronic Vitamins C and K deficiency.

These vitamins contribute significantly to collagen production in the body. During collagen production, blood vessels are also strengthened, which prevents you from bruising easily. As a matter of fact, it is due to the thinness of these blood vessels, coupled with weakened skin, that makes you bruise easily. This makes it necessary to boost your vitamins C and K intake for healthier skin.

In more severe cases, it could be more than a deficiency in these vitamins. Liver disease, for example, could cause black and blue discolouration on your skin. 

  1. Overbite, jaw, or teeth misalignment

Any of these three could be responsible for a person’s dental misalignment. An overbite, a jaw, or teeth misalignment causes insufficient space in the mouth. That can impact the smooth flow of air between the nostrils, mouth, and throat whenever you sleep. While you may need an orthodontist to resolve a severe case of misalignment, other mild cases can be resolved at home. 

For example, clear aligners can resolve any mild teeth misalignment or gaps. After ordering an impression kit, you will receive clear aligners you will be required to wear for 20 to 22 hours (even while you sleep). 

  1. Snoring

According to available data, three out of five Brits snore at night or anytime they sleep. Though research has proven that snoring can be genetic and run in families, evidence shows there could be more. Apart from the inconvenience of others having to endure these snores, especially when they share a room, it negatively impacts sleep quality. This could be a symptom of something going on, such as a possible dental misalignment.

  1. Constantly cold limbs

Having cold feet is more than being apprehensive of an impending situation and may warrant a visit to the medical doctor. Several medical surveys show that hidden vascular disease may be responsible for your cold limbs. It means your extremities are not receiving enough blood supply due to a possible blockage in the veins or arteries. Sometimes, though, it could also signify vitamin B12 or an iron deficiency.

This article is not a substitute for your physician. Therefore, it would be wise to seek medical attention if you notice anything of the sort.

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