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Investing in Oil – Fundamentals of the Oil Market 

AD. Over the years petroleum has been the major source of energy around the world. This is due to its diverse use in homes, industries,…


AD. Over the years petroleum has been the major source of energy around the world. This is due to its diverse use in homes, industries, and the daily life of man. (The word “petroleum” is mostly used interchangeably with “oil”.)

Its consumption is still increasing across the globe despite the growth of electric vehicles. The need for all kinds of petroleum has only increased due to population growth. Although more people would buy electric vehicles, there will always be a demand for it due to the fact that it is the raw material for products like plastics. Additionally, there are automobiles, and heavy equipment that needs diesel to run. 

The petroleum sector is an attractive sector for both day traders and long-term investors.

It is an active and liquid market that can diversify your portfolio. This sector’s stocks, however, tend to be more unstable than the wider market as they are susceptible to changes in the supply and demand of the underlying commodities.

In addition, fuel companies are exposed to the legal and regulatory risks that can be the consequence of accidents, such as oil spills. Investing in the liquid sector has many significant risks.  However, investing long term in petroleum companies is potentially lucrative. Investors therefore, should fully grasp the risks before making investments in the sector.

Main Uses Of Petroleum

Find below the 6 main uses of petroleum:

  1. Transportation 
  2. Heating and lighting
  3. Industrial power 
  4. Petrochemical 
  5. Lubricants
  6. Plastics 

Click here:  to know more about its other uses. 

Classification of Oil Investments

The natural resources market is always top, whether a pandemic or economic inflation interrupts its supply for a time, yet it will always be in demand. This is why a large percentage of investors are turning to energy investment projects.

Oil As an Asset

It is the most traded commodity in the world. It provides the major energy for transportation, likewise the raw material for factories. Although the prices are unstable, traders are advised to proceed with caution. 

Oil Futures

Natural resources producers and consumers use futures as a contract in reducing the risk in the production income and energy cost.

Speculators who want to profit from short-term price changes are less likely to take delivery of the underlying commodity at a future contract’s expiration.

Commodity ETFs and ETFs

Retail investors who are unwilling or unable to trade commodity futures are offered the opportunity to invest in petroleum via Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Exchange-traded notes (ETNs).

How To Invest In Oil

If you want to invest in oil, you don’t necessarily have to acquire any physical product.  You can invest in oil mutual funds, futures, and stocks.

Mutual Funds 

They’re a portfolio of company stocks that share dual characteristics and they’re based on sectors that are trying to make a difference.


These are investments of companies involved in lube extraction and refinery. It is important to thoroughly research a company before purchasing its stock.


It is a contract agreed upon by two parties to trade a fixed amount of petroleum, at a fixed price and date. Futures are more developed than lubricant funds therefore they should be used cautiously.

This article further explains the fundamentals of the petroleum market. 

Top Reasons To Invest In Oil

There are several benefits in investing in this sector; ranging from tax savings to high profits.

Below is a list of the advantages of natural resources investment:

Increasing Demand

The demand for petroleum is on the high, with the ever-increasing consumer demand around the world. It is worth every penny of investment.

Passive Income Generation

A lot of investors are seeking to abandon conventional investment. They are on the lookout for opportunities that will always produce high and steady returns. It is a valuable resource that will never go out of huge demand.

Potential For High Return on Investment 

ROI on this sector can be high for skilled investors because it can outperform other mainstream investment options. Smart investments in verified industries such as the natural resources market set the stage for success.

The above are just a few benefits that can encourage you to invest in oil as a tool for wealth creation.


Investing in this sector is a global opportunity and should be maximized. Bear in mind that investing in petroleum doesn’t necessarily demand a huge amount of money; you can buy shares with the little you have now.

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