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Getting confident with my body with Yvette

AD| I’m generally not the type of person to wear a sports bra without a top over it, but Yvette Sportwear’s motto: Be Active, Be…


AD| I’m generally not the type of person to wear a sports bra without a top over it, but Yvette Sportwear’s motto: Be Active, Be Daring, Be Inspired has, well, inspired me to give it a go.

Yvette sports bra

About Yvette

Yvette has been developing high quality, professional sportswear since 1999.

It’s is a body-positive brand that aims to encourage women to be active despite age, size or anything else that may get in the way. They insist on showing diversity in beauty and want to break the boundaries of current beauty stands.

Yvette focuses on providing sports bras to women of all shapes and sizes that offer high support for high impact exercise. Their sports bras have 20 sizes. You can get different bras that come in high impact, medium impact and low impact.

Environment and sustainability

Yvette are committed to protecting the environment using recycled leggings from their Recycle Collection which is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable fabrics just launched.

Yvette sports bra

My fitness journey

As you know, I’ve always been into fitness. I’ve worked with a personal trainer for years and I’m currently getting back into working with her after having my baby. I’m getting married in a few weeks so I’ve been working out regularly to get into shape for my wedding.

I don’t mind how I look now, but I would just like to drop a few more pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feel more like myself.

Yvette sports bras

Shift Light Criss Cross Cosy Sports Bra

The first bra I picked was the Shift Light Criss Cross Cosy in green. This is a lightweight sports bra which is perfect for me as I mostly do weights. This means I don’t often need a lot of support as I’m not doing high impact exercise.

This top is soft and very comfortable. It has criss-cross straps at the back and is quite stretchy. You put it on over your head and it feels nice to wear. It has support in the breast area with removable pads and an elastic band around the chest for support.

Yvette sports bra

Limitless Adjustable Fit Sports Bra

The second one I got was a high impact sports bra which will be good when I go running. My boobs have grown since having Leo and I’m still breastfeeding, so there’s a lot more chest at the moment! I don’t usually need a lot of support but I can feel the difference since I’ve had a child! So a high impact sports bra makes exercise such as running and high intensity work much more comfortable.

This is a wireless bra so it’s still comfortable while offering support. It has adjustable straps and a hook and eye fastening.

Yvette sports bra leggings

Sculpt Mesh Running Leggings

I love high waisted leggings, they are such a must now I have a mum-tum. I need to keep everything in place! These are high support, too, so they feel comfortable and supportive during high-intensity workouts.

There are pockets in these which I love! They are the perfect size for sliding your phone into and there’s also a mesh panel which I love the look of,

I know these leggings are going to be something I wear often. They’ll even be handy to wear when taking Leo to baby classes as I’ll have somewhere to put my phone.

I really love the variety of designs and sizes Yvette has to offer. I often get annoyed with sportswear brands for only having S, M and L. And a Large is usually about a size 14 in the UK! Yvette goes from XS all the way up to 5XL in a lot of products.

The prices are also affordable which is something that can be hard to find, especially when you’re buying plus size. It’s nice that these affordable bras and other sports clothing are accessible to everyone.

Get your Yvette sportsbra here.


  1. I have been wanting to try out a sport’s bra with no top over it for some time now but, like you, I had not found quite the thing to inspire me. I love your picks here and, in combination with the leggings, this is looking like a workout outfit perfect for a range of exercise types!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I loved your IG post, I’ve actually been browsing their website a lot, I love the criss cross strappy bra, so I’m definitely going to make a purchase soon as I need to replace one of my favourite workout bras!

  3. Love that they are eco-friendly! I’ve never been brave enough to just wear a sports bra either but these look fab on you!
    Amy x

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