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AD| Baba West is a new brand to me. When I was pregnant, I worked with Zita West on some products to help me through…


AD| Baba West is a new brand to me. When I was pregnant, I worked with Zita West on some products to help me through pregnancy. Baba West is a collaboration between fertility expert and midwife Zita West and founder of My Baby Leonora Bamford.

Baba West sells a range of supplements to support your baby, toddler and child’s growth and development. It ensures science and nutrition work hand-in-hand to help shape your child’s future health.

Let’s see some of the products!

Baby West Review

Baba West x Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

This is a collaboration with Lyonsleaf. It’s a 100% natural and effective zinc and calendula cream for the whole family. This cream provides a breathable and protective barrier on the skin that is likely to suffer from moisture damage, so it’s great for nappy rash and chapped hands in the winter.

Calendula is great for any skin that needs love and zinc helps to protect against moisture damage, especially under a nappy.

Baba West Review Baba West x Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

This is:

  • Unfragranced
  • SPF 10
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Creates a barrier to protect skin from moisture damage
  • 100% Natural: water-free means no need for preservatives or emulsifiers
  • Undiluted goodness with 100% active ingredients
  • Made with pure plant oils, organic beeswax, mineral ingredients (non-nano zinc), home grown herbs and nothing else.

Please note, this shouldn’t be used on babies under 4 weeks and on broken skin on children under 3 years old.

Infant Vitamin D Daily Oral Drops 0-3 Years

Vitamin D is so important, especially in the early years as your baby is growing. It helps with bone density, developing a healthy respiratory system, teeth, gut and immune health.

These Baba West Vitamin D drops don’t contain any nasties so they are safe for even young babies. There’s no sugar and no artificial colours, flavourings or additives.

Your baby only needs one drop, so I just put a drop on my finger and put it in Leo’s mouth first thing in the morning. Wish I had this sooner, rather than messing around with the previous vitamin D I was giving him where I needed a lot more!

Breastfed babies need vitamin D, but formula-fed babies don’t as it’s already included in formula milk. Once a formula baby starts to wean onto food, it’s recommended to give vitamin D drops once they are drinking 500ml or less of formula a day.

Baby West Review  Infant Vitamin D Daily Oral Drops 0-3 Years

Benefits of Vitamin D drops:

  • Helps the body absorb calcium to build strong bones and teeth
  • Important for muscle development
  • Support healthy, balanced immune function
  • Lower risk of eczema and severe asthma for children with sufficient vitamin D
  • Fewer respiratory and other infections in infants with sufficient vitamin D

Alpine Elderberry & Rosehip 1-12 Years

This combination of natural Alpine Elderberry, Blackberry and Rosehip is full of antioxidants and vitamins. It has extra Vitamin C to support the normal functioning of the immune system. It also has 25% less sugar than other elderberry syrups on the market, while still being tasty. It’s suitable for vegans and gluten-free diets

Baby West Review Alpine Elderberry & Rosehip 1-12 Years

Children’s Multivitamin & Multibiotic Powder 1-12 years

Have you ever tried to give a baby vitamin drops? It’s not an easy task. This powder is great for sprinkling on food. It works great with desserts such as cereal, yoghurt and fruit, so it’s great for fussy eaters.

  • 12.5 billion friendly bacteria per serving
  • 13 essential vitamins per serving
  • Provides digestive and immune support
  • Natural and safe bacterial strains
  • Easy-to-use powder formulation
  • Suitable for vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free diets
  • No need to refrigerate 
Baba West Review Children's Multivitamin & Multibiotic Powder 1-12 years

It contains 100% or more of the recommended daily amount of:

  • B Vitamins – help with the release of energy from foods
  • Biotin – important for the maintenance of cellular energy and the normal function of the nervous system
  • Vitamin A – plays a central role in a healthy immune system as well as contributing to normal vision and the normal metabolism of Iron
  • Vitamin C – an important antioxidant that assists in protecting the body from oxidative damage
  • Vitamin D – needed for the development of children’s bones and teeth. Critical too for normal cell division and the proper absorption and utilisation of Calcium and Phosphorus in the diet
  • Vitamin E – another important antioxidant
  • Folate – another helpful B vitamin
  • Selenium – critical for the normal functioning of the immune and thyroid systems

Restore & Renew Aromatherapy Bath Oil for Mum

I spent a lot of my pregnancy in the bath and I wish I had this! It was the only thing that seemed to help my morning sickness. I would lay in the bath for 2 hours (would have been more if it didn’t go cold!) watching YouTube videos and Netflix.

Baba West Review Restore & Renew Aromatherapy Bath Oil for Mum

This can be used during pregnancy, labour or postnatally. It’s a special aromatherapy blend which is rich in lavender which helps you to relax your mind and body and in turn helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and body aches. It also soothes the perineum after labour.

It smells lovely and it’s so relaxing. It feels really soft on your skin, too. I loved using this!

Over all, I love this brand. All the products are very well thought out and the packaging is lovely, though it is a bit expensive compared to other products on the market. I’d love to know about their sustainability/ethical sourcing plan but sadly I couldn’t find any information on their website.


  1. Absolutely love these products! The vitamin powder is so smart. My boys are now 7 and 10 but could have used something like that when they were tiny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh that bath oil sounds lovely! I found stewing in the bath eased my morning sickness a little too and now it’s helping with my slightly achy back/hips!
    Amy x

  3. I prefer unscented and natural products so this is really helpful. Thanks for this honest review.

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