5 Beauty Tips to Switch Up Your Style

AD| If you feel you need to switch up your style, there are tons of surprisingly easy ways to accomplish this. All it may take…


AD| If you feel you need to switch up your style, there are tons of surprisingly easy ways to accomplish this. All it may take is some eyelash extensions, new lip colour and a different hairstyle. You can try one of the following beauty tips at a time to see how they make you feel and observe what reactions you get from friends or family. 

1. Try out eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions require less maintenance than wearing mascara or false eyelashes every day. You can easily glue them on top of your natural lashes to make them look longer and thicker. The best eyelash extensions are super customizable and look very natural. 

Lilac St., Vavalash, Mac, Huda or Valour offers long-lasting eyelash extensions that are easy to use and will last for longer if you take care of them correctly. For example, you shouldn’t ever tug or pull at them. 

If extensions aren’t your thing, then serum for your lashes is a great alternative to nourish and enhance your eyelashes.

2. Wear a bold lipstick

Even when you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, bright lipstick will glam you up. It’s one of the easiest ways to change your look. Perhaps you’re uncertain about whether you can pull off a bold lipstick. It is just a matter of figuring out what suits your skin tone best. If you have fair hair and tanned skin, you can go for true red. If you have fair hair and a pale skin, a strawberry shade will flatter your skin. 

For cooler skin tones, blue-based red shades are the way to go. For warmer skin tones, golden or peachy reds are best. Redheads often look great in a brick red with an orange undertone. If you have dark hair and olive skin, you can wear bright red or bold, tangerine orange. 

3. Switch up your hairstyle

If you typically wear your hair down, try it in an updo for a change. If you usually straighten your hair, leave it curly. Change up your parting for a refreshed look. After you’ve washed your hair, part it down the middle if you usually have a side parting or if you usually go for a middle parting, try out a side one. Whatever you typically do with your hair, avoid that and do something different. 

If you have short hair, extensions are a great way to try out a longer look. If you have long hair, a short new haircut can completely transform your appearance. 

Think about changing your hair color or opting for highlights or lowlights if you aren’t ready for a complete change. 

4. Brighten your smile

Drinking coffee and red wine may have stained your teeth and made your smile less inviting than you’d like. Yellow teeth are unattractive and will make you look older. There are various options for teeth whitening. You can opt for professional teeth whitening treatments which are usually very successful. 

You can also choose to try and whiten your teeth at home by using products like charcoal powder or whitening strips. If you want to whiten your teeth without using chemicals, baking soda is a mild abrasive with natural whitening properties. It won’t whiten your teeth overnight but you will notice a change over time. 

5. Change your eye makeup

Whether you learn how to do your eyes differently or change the colours you use, changing your eye makeup can change your look. If you want to use eyeliner in a way that makes your eyes stand out best, this will depend on the shape of your eyes. 

If you’ve been lining your entire eye with a dark liner, stop doing it because it makes your eyes look smaller. Apply a liner a few shades lighter than your skin tone to at the bottom and your eyes will look brighter and bigger. Using coloured eyeliner is a current trend and you can use it to experiment with your look without going overboard. 

You can experiment with your eye shadow but master applying some basic shades before you go crazy with glitter or unusual colors. You will need a highlighter, a mid-tone to add a pop of color, and a contouring shade darker than your skin tone. Contouring can add great definition to your eyes and balance out your features. 

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