Quick and easy spring kitchen decor ideas

If you’re anything like me, then you love swapping and changing items in your home to reflect the seasons. A spring kitchen decor ideas post…


If you’re anything like me, then you love swapping and changing items in your home to reflect the seasons. A spring kitchen decor ideas post may be exactly what you’re looking for right now!

And, if you’re also like me – you will want to get your home ready for spring with minimal effort and not getting a whole new kitchen from Glotech Kitchens. We don’t have time for painting or doing big renovations. That is why I love quickly changing little things in my house that make a big difference.

Spring is my favourite season! It’s the start of the warmer months and lighter evenings. I love May and June, those warm months where it’s not too hot but the sun is still out.

I’ve put together a list of simple spring decorations to keep your kitchen fresh and lively this spring.

Quick and easy spring kitchen decor ideas

Spring kitchen decor

Have a look at these product recommendations below to create your perfect spring kitchen. Let me know your favourite spring item!

Spring dried flowers (image below)

The obvious choice – some spring dried flowers. If you look after them and store them properly they can last you for years. I love dried flowers and how low maintenance they are! They look great on kitchen windowsills, shelves, sideboards and tables. I’ve ordered some that I think I’ll keep on our rustic kitchen shelves.

Buy some here

Fancy milk jug

I’m not sure what got my heart set on this, I think it’s when I was making a Reel for Instagram and thought pouring milk from a clumpy 6-pint carton of milk didn’t look very aesthetically pleasing. So I found this William Morris milk jug and I loved it! So I bought it.

Not sure what I want to do with it yet. It’s currently on display on my kitchens shelves. I may put some flowers on it. I may actually use it for milk (only when creating content, of course!).

Buy it here.

Spring wall art

I already wrote a whole post on my spring prints that I’ve just put up in my house, but there’s always room for more.

Wall art can completely change the mood of your room. I love this bright yellow daffodil print and floral rabbit print.

Flower jug

Whether you decide to put dried flowers or fresh flowers into this jug, a spring flower jug is a perfect table topper!

Buy it here.

Bee flower jug (image below)

Errrm, I also found this bee flower jug that I just had to buy in the middle of writing this post, at 10 pm! The seller sent me a lovely message when I ordered it, too. She thanked me for the order and told me she would get it to me quickly. I got the dispatch email the following day.


Table runner

A table runner is a great way to bring a bit of vibrance to your table. There are lots of different patterns you can get for spring. Floral prints are great, but I found a bee one that matches our kitchen blinds!

Buy it here.


Now I guess I have a bit of a bee thing now as I’ve just seen some bee placemats and I want them. They would look so cute on our kitchen table! We currently just have boring grey mats but they’re an awful material that is hard to clean.

Check out the bee placemats here.

Tea towels

Cute simple swaps – tea towels area quick win. You can never have too many tea towels so adding a few more spring ones is a win!

Check out these two: wildflower meadow tea towel and these simpler leaf design ones.


Cups! Gah! I have a love-hate relationship with cups. I have so many but I always want more. I often want to throw all my cups again so I can start again.

First cup on my list: this lamb mug!

Quick and easy spring kitchen decor ideas

Egg cups

You can’t get more spring than an egg! Spring chickens and easter eggs might inspire us to eat more eggs during spring and I do love a cute egg cup! Dippy eggs are my favourite way to eat eggs. What’s yours?

Check out these cute egg cups: stoneware egg cup and bunny egg cup.

Tea bag holder

What do you do with your teabags? To be honest, I just chuck them in the bin and I’m not a fan of living them on the side. But if you are the type of person that likes a tea bag holder (please explain to me why, if you do) then this one is cute.

Chopping board

I love a wooden chopping board, the idea of addition to your spring kitchen decor. You can get so many these days, ones with your name on and everything. But I do love these hand-painted chopping boards!

Salt & pepper mill

I’m not sure if these count as spring – but they are cute animals and it’s my blog so I can say what I want.

These wooden cat mills are lovely!


Get more plans in your kitchen! Grab a cutting set like this and grow your own!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas to create a lovely spring kitchen!


  1. I love Spring too. It improves my mood loads – especially after such a long Winter. These are such fab ideas too. I don’t really decorate for seasons but if I had my own place, I probably would. Me and some friends were in Home Sense the other day and there were SO MANY cute Easter themed kitchen items!

  2. I absolutely love dried flowers, they’re so pretty and also much less hassle than having to replace fresh ones haha!
    Amy xx

  3. We love our salt and pepper mills! Grinding it onto our food has never been so pleasant and simple.
    The stoneware egg cup holders and fancy milk jug have my name on them too. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing some pretty and refreshing spring decor ideas!

  4. I love seeing other people switch up their interiors for different seasons. I’m too lazy to do it personally. Haha. We’ll probably get a few cute bits in for Easter, but that’s as wild as we get. I love the milk jug and dried flowers.


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