Natural Ways to Deal with Insomnia

ad Have you ever heard of saying ‘sleep is for the weak?’ It should encourage someone to do their best and strive for success while…


ad Have you ever heard of saying ‘sleep is for the weak?’ It should encourage someone to do their best and strive for success while neglecting ‘trivial’ things like rest. But this sentence mocks common sense because the importance of sleep has been known since ancient times. Every individual needs it, regardless of age, gender, physics, and health condition.

An optimal number of hours of sleep is necessary for normal daytime functioning. A lack of night rest can lead to a variety of health issues. For instance, it has been proven that sleepless adults tend to be overweight. Also, they are more likely to develop diabetes and coronary diseases.

Studies have shown that poor night rest can affect brain function. So getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for adults to stay alert, focused, and energized during the day. Not only does it help you function during the day, but it also improves memory and problem-solving skills.

People today have a poor quality of night rest. As a result, the number of patients diagnosed with some form of insomnia is on the rise. You should resolve this problem as soon as you notice the first signs of sleep deprivation (more on them at this link). Luckily, there are many natural ways to make your bedtime better.

Exercising at the Right Time

Physical activity is of great importance for quality sleep. Exercising is an excellent way to get rid of stress. It also boosts endorphins production, a hormone that can improve your mood and energy levels. That will make you more motivated to do your daily activities. 

But that’s what you need during the day. Whenever you can, avoid exercising in the evening. That can disturb your body’s natural cycle, as it slowly ‘puts out’ as the day goes on. Any increase in heart rate will disrupt this pattern, later affecting sleep deprivation. A morning exercise routine two or three times a week will significantly improve your night rest and overall health.

You can also try yoga before going to bed. Some people find that this exercise routine can help them fall asleep. It only takes a few minutes of yoga practice to soothe your body and mind and power it down slowly. Learn proper poses for sleep and breathing techniques that will help you relax. By practising these techniques before bed, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of better sleep at night.

No Electronics

You can make many small changes that will significantly improve your night’s rest. One of them is to avoid using electronic devices in the hour before you go to bed. It means no phone, computer, or even TV. The so-called blue light emitted by these devices lowers rest quality because it stimulates the secretion of hormones that keep the brain awake.

Instead of scrolling social networks, read a book. This activity prepares you for bedtime. It acts as a barrier between daily stress and the sleep process, allowing the body to focus on regeneration and rest. Also, many studies have shown that people who read before bedtime have higher cognitive abilities than those who don’t have the habit.

Avoid Body Stimulation before Bedtime

Insomnia is an affliction that you can easily overcome by making lifestyle changes. For example, you should avoid greasy and sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine, and energy drinks. If you can’t renounce them completely, at least don’t take them before bedtime. These stimulants can all disrupt your sleep pattern as they will make your body alert and awake for hours.

Instead of coffee and sweetened drinks, try chamomile tea, warm milk, and kava. Drink these potions two hours before going to sleep. That’s enough time for them to act on your body and mind and release you from tension. Milk contains amino acids promoting sleepiness and melatonin, making you relaxed and calm. If you wonder does kava work for insomnia, you should try it and judge yourself.

Try Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils can have a beneficial effect if you have insomnia. For example, you can use lavender, chamomile, incense, and eucalyptus oils. Add them to diffusers, air fresheners, hot baths, or use them for self-massage before bed (it’s best to rub them on the temples and the area behind the ears). Yet, keep in mind that these fragrant compounds don’t solve the cause of insomnia.

Essential oils act on the human body through smell and the bloodstream. When aromatic particles reach receptors inside the nose, they alert the nervous system. These signals go to the part of the brain in charge of feelings, memory, intuition, and the stress response. So, it’s quite understandable how smells can stimulate emotions and affect the mood, which is changed if you don’t get enough sleep.

Establish Bedtime Ritual

Your body loves stability. That makes it well-prepared for the activities that will take place. So when you are getting ready for bed, you need to do some things that will easily prepare you for the process. Design a ritual that you will perform every night to let your body unwind.

An hour before bedtime, finish all tasks that could worry you. Then get a quick shower, brush teeth, and do your cosmetic routine, including a soft facial self-massage. Finally, turn off the laptop and phone alarm and ringtone. 

Once everything is done, get in bed and meditate. You can even put on some soothing music that can play even while you sleep. Then, breathe gently, letting all stress and negative energy away. You can even use some old-fashioned methods, like counting sheep. This sleep-stealing habit will distract your brain from worries and stress and put you in a deep sleep. 

The modern way of life made people forget the importance of a good night’s rest. But whether you suffer from a sleeping disorder or just need more rest, you can improve sleep quality, which doesn’t take much effort. You should implement some healthy habits and rely on natural methods to deal with insomnia.

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