8 Effective Ways To Leverage Video Marketing For Small Business

ad. When it comes to online marketing, videos are ruling the roost. This marketing tool has evolved a lot since its initial days. And going…


ad. When it comes to online marketing, videos are ruling the roost. This marketing tool has evolved a lot since its initial days. And going by the trends, it’s pretty much obvious that video content is here to stay. No wonder, these days, even small businesses are incorporating videos in their marketing strategy. But not all of them know how to derive maximum benefit through video marketing.

To stay ahead in your video marketing game, you need to apply creative strategies. A well-crafted video marketing strategy can help your business gain visibility, drive traffic, and enhance conversions.

Let’s take a look at seven creative ways of video marketing to leverage your small business online.

Express Your Story With an Introductory Video

The landscape of small businesses is a crowded place. To stand out in this competitive market and draw attention towards you, the first thing to do is introduce yourself. An introductory video can give you a good scope to express yourself and convey your brand’s story to people.

But instead of coming up with a regular introductory video, why not turn it into an engaging saga for your viewers? You can take your viewers on a tour of behind-the-scenes footage while sharing your brand’s story. Answering frequently asked questions about your brand is another way of weaving your brand story in a unique style and presenting it before the viewers.

Build Credibility With Customer Testimonial Videos

Once you have your introductory video in place, it’s time to focus on the next step: customer testimonial videos. These videos are where your customers share their opinion about your brand’s products or services. By putting up customer testimonial videos on social media channels, you can gain mileage for your brand without being visibly sales-centric.

The best part of customer testimonial videos is natural and unique. Ensure to avoid scripted dialogues and encourage your customers to share their real experiences. This will help you retain an authentic vibe in your video and build credibility for your brand. If you find that your customers are not creating any testimonial or review videos, you can request them to do so. Most people feel happy when a brand approaches them with such a request and gladly obliges.  

Highlight Your Company Culture With Employee Videos

Employee videos are a great way to increase your brand’s engagement with your customers. When you share videos of your employees working as a team and overcoming hurdles, you stand to create an emotional connection with the audience. You can also show glimpses of your employees having fun at work. This will help illustrate the bonding between your employees and the feeling of working harmoniously as a team.

These days people are interested in purchasing from brands that maintain a good work culture. By highlighting the work culture at your company, you can underline this point and gain an advantage with your video marketing efforts.

Capture Attention With Shareable Product Videos

Social media is an amazing place to gain visibility for your products. Even a few seconds are enough to capture your viewer’s attention if you come up with a compelling product video. So, why let go of this opportunity?

You need to create engaging product videos that your viewers can easily share. Make sure that your videos are concise and deliver the message while leaving a lingering effect on your viewers. You can easily create such videos on a low budget. All you will need is a creative bent of mind, a good online video editor, and an understanding of what viewers love to watch and share on social media. Once you get these three points right, everything else will fall into place easily.

For instance, when you have the basic video ready, you can bring it to life using background music, graphics, text, and other creative elements. You can even incorporate your logo and brand colors to add a distinct touch to your video before sharing them on social media channels.

Bring User-Generated Videos Into Play

An effective way of upholding your brand’s trustworthiness is to share consumer-generated videos. People are always more willing to trust the opinion of consumers who have used a product or taken a service. That is why they read consumer reviews before making a purchase decision.

Make sure to share the review videos that your customers upload on the social media pages of your brand. You can even create video ads by using such videos. Remember to highlight the main product features that your customer talks about or stresses in the video. When creating a video ad, always include a call to action at the end and encourage your viewers to know more about your products.

Step It up With How-to Videos

Educational videos have been around for a long time now. But they still hold sway when it comes to video marketing. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because there is always a section of viewers who is new to your products or services and don’t know how to use them or draw benefit from them. How-to videos can be of much help for this section of viewers.

Just make sure that you share valuable insight through your educational videos. You can explain how to make a product work or show the lesser-known benefits. Ensure that you help your viewers benefit through your knowledge and insights. Also, always keep the video simple and easy to understand.

Opt For Repurposed Videos

It’s not easy to maintain a creative streak at all times and come up with compelling videos. You can dig into your existing content during such low creative phases and repurpose them into interesting videos.   

For example, you can take a social media graphics post or a popular blog post and convert it into video format. One of the top advantages of doing so is that people are more likely to take note of the blog’s content. That’s because people prefer visual content over text-based ones. First, mark the main takeaways from the chosen post and create a slideshow video to highlight those points. You can then enhance your video using custom fonts, texts, colors, and call to action. Ensure that the videos are no longer than 1 or 2 minutes to maximize user engagement. Share them on social media when you are satisfied with the repurposed content.

Bring Alive Your Video Marketing Efforts

Now that you know how to leverage your small business online through video marketing, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. Pull on your creative cap, download a good online video editor, and get down to creating impressive video content for your small business! 

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