3 Ways to Modernise Your Bathroom

AD| Bathrooms often get neglected when updating your home. It feels like it’ll be a costly, labour-intensive slog – in short, a nightmare. But there…


AD| Bathrooms often get neglected when updating your home. It feels like it’ll be a costly, labour-intensive slog – in short, a nightmare. But there are ways to modernise your bathroom that really make the best use of the space and transform a drab, tired washroom into a gorgeous room to be proud of. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil haven that exudes ultimate relaxation vibes or a quirky space that really shows off your personality, try the following tips to breathe new life into your bathroom. 

1. Update Your Colour Scheme

Before you begin, it’s important to decide your budget so you know the breadth of the changes you can make. If you’re looking for an impact on a shoe-string budget, a brand new lick of paint on the walls can completely transform the space in which you’re working (and soon relaxing). Whilst a general rule of thumb is to work with lighter colours if you have a smaller room, using bold, intense colours in bathrooms is totally on-trend at the moment. Consider dark, intense paint schemes to offset white tiles and bathroom suites and make a fashion-forward statement. 

Make sure to give any tiles and surfaces you’re keeping a good scrubbing too. Don’t underestimate the difference it makes just removing any build-up of grime in your bathroom. Regrouting and resealing any mouldy areas will instantly brighten and enhance your bathroom before you start getting creative with colour!

If you’re able to splash the cash, consider a larger scale update by swapping out your current cladding for trendsetting tiles. Installing glass tiles will give a chic and sophisticated feel to your room and make your space feel brighter, lighter, and bigger. Tiles can also be used as your main colour feature by taking the above paint suggestion and inverting it, with pale walls and contrasting, bold tiles such as black or dark green metro style tiles for a cool, urban look.  

2. Invest in Features

If you’re switching up your bathroom suite, choose statement features such as bathroom mixer taps hat will truly make an impact. The industrial trend shows no sign of abating. It can be incorporated into your bathroom by choosing black metal finishes for shower cubicles, towel rails, and radiators for a bold look straight out of a photoshoot. If you’re lucky enough to have a claw-foot tub, don’t forget to match the feet to your metal finish for full room cohesion. 

Whatever your budget, paying attention to the little details really makes a difference to the overall finish of a room. Spending money on often touched items such as taps and door handles is a great trick and will make your bathroom feel new and premium, even if you haven’t replaced your old suite. Even replacing your old toilet seat with a new soft-close one is an effective way of making your bathroom feel more upmarket with maximum ease and minimum spending.

Don’t forget your mirrors and lighting! Swapping out a traditional bathroom mirror for one with a bold frame will make an impact without losing any function. Adding extra mirrors or light fittings will create a more spacious feel to your bathroom. It’s these finishing touches that will make your room pop and really showcase your outstanding eye for detail.

3. Revamp Your Accessories

Clear away the clutter and add some carefully chosen accessories to finish your bathroom and make it look properly dressed. 

Invest in some extra storage, whether that’s an under-sink cupboard or a few baskets that compliment your theme so toiletries can be kept tidy but still to hand. Next, stamp your personality on the space by hanging some pictures or adding a couple of carefully chosen ornaments on a windowsill. 

The bathroom is often forgotten when it comes to dressing your home, but a selection of quirky prints can show off your unique personality and make any bathroom visitors smile. If you’re looking for a more spa-like feel to your bathroom, add some delicately-scented candles to enhance your relaxation time and keep accessories in a neutral palette. 

Make sure not to overcrowd your surfaces when adding your accessories. Adding an extra shelf will give you space to play with your finishing touches, so your trinkets don’t get tangled with your toothbrush. 

Whatever your tastes when it comes to bathroom design and decor, it’s easier than you may think to modernise your bathroom and make it feel like a whole new room. Whether you’ve got a little or lots of cash to play with, you can make a big impact by refreshing your colours, focusing on key features, and finishing off with a few key accessories to stamp your personality on even the smallest of spaces. 


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