Degustabox December 2021

AD| I totally forgot I was getting a Degustabox in December. I had the Deugstabox Advent calendar that I was working my way through so…


AD| I totally forgot I was getting a Degustabox in December. I had the Deugstabox Advent calendar that I was working my way through so this one was a double treat when it arrived on my doorstep.

Shall we just jump on in?

Degustabox December

Degustabox December 2021
Cheddar Cheesies Degustabox December 2022

Cheddar Cheesies

These are 100% baked cheese, handy for a snack and they are low carb. I am a massive cheese lover but I can’t say I’m sold on these. They were okay, they basically taste like that crispy bit of cheese on your cheese toastie. They were a bit sickly, I would have preferred just normal cheese. I’m also very against low-carb diets as they aren’t good for your body and encourage you to eat a lot of fatty food.

Choc-o-lotvit Vita Coco Degustabox December 2021

Choc-o-lotvit Vita Coco

I love the original Vita Coco. It’s such a refreshing drink, now I want some. I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds delicious! I drank a lot of chocolate alpro during my pregnancy as an alternative to tea and coffee.

Chocolate Drumstick Swizzles Matlow Degustabox December 2021

Chocolate Drumstick Swizzles Matlow

I loveeeeeeeeeee drum stick lollies. They are an absolute classic. I wasn’t a massive fan of those, though. I just don’t like raspberry chocolate :(. Give me orange or mint any day!

N!CK'S Crunchy Caramel 28g Bar Degustabox December 2021

N!CK’S Crunchy Caramel 28g Bar

This was absolutely delicious. I could eat more! It was a hard caramel bar covered in chocolate. No added sugar, no palm oil and no gluten!

Curiously Cinnamon Degustabox December 2022

Curiously Cinnamon

I loveeeeee this cereal. I can’t wait to crack it open but we still have some other cereals to eat first. This is whole grain, has 7 vitamins and iron and is a source of calcium.

Aspall Draught Cyder 500ml Degustabox December 2022

Aspall Draught Cyder 500ml

Oh look, another product I couldn’t try because my partner go there first. That’s alright really as cyder is a bit too sweet for me and he really likes it!

Cup Noodles Soba Japanese Curry Degustabox December 2022

Cup Noodles Soba Japanese Curry

This has the taste of authentic vegetables and it smelt delicious. It’s seasoned really well and you wouldn’t think that it’s basically a pot noodle!

Vahdam Teas - Maharaja Breakfast Tea Degustabox December 2022

Vahdam Teas – Maharaja Breakfast Tea

I love trying new tea so can’t wait to give this a go!

McVities - Mince Pie Digestives Degustabox December 2022

McVities – Mince Pie Digestives

This was a miss for me. I love Digestives but don’t think they worked well with the chocolate in this biscuit. There’s still half a packet left which means my partner probably agrees.

Bertolli - Olive Oil Degustabox December 2022

Bertolli – Olive Oil

This was probably one of my favourite things in the box, especially as I had forgotten to get olive oil from the supermarket. I use olive oil all the time when cooking so this is a staple for me!

Pipers Pitta Chip Degustabox December 2022

Pipers Pitta Chip

Oh wow, the Biggleswade Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream flavour was AMAZING! So much flavour in one little chip! Would buy these for sure.

Amy's Kitchen - Quinoa & Red Kale Hearty Soup
Degustabox December 2022

Amy’s Kitchen – Quinoa & Red Kale Hearty Soup

I love Amy’s kitchen soups! I’ve just started giving Leo soup too, we share some and dip bread in it. It’s such a handy lunch for us. He loved this too and ate loads of bread soaked in it! It’s gluten-free, vegan and low fat which means many boxes are ticked for me!

Rhythm108 - Swiss Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Soft-Baked Filled Cookie

Rhythm108 – Swiss Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Soft-Baked Filled Cookie

This soft blonde Swiss chocolate chip cookie is filled with a creamy hazelnut chocolate praline then topped with a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts and even more chocolate chips. Vegan, organic and gluten-free. I LOVED this so much, I wish I had it with a coffee as it would be even better dipped in a hot drink. It’s even all wrapped up in home compostable packaging!

So the December box was a bit hit and miss for me. I loved some of the products but there were a couple I wasn’t a fan of. It’s still great to try the new products and I can’t wait to see what’s in the January box.

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  1. These boxes always look amazing, not sure how I feel about the drumstick lolly though haha! Doesn’t sound like something that should be mixed together!

    Courtney x

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