7 blog tasks to outsource

If you find yourself strapped for time, you might be wondering which blog tasks to outsource. Having a blog can be time-consuming as the work…


If you find yourself strapped for time, you might be wondering which blog tasks to outsource. Having a blog can be time-consuming as the work you need to do on it can be endless. It really is one of those hobbies or jobs that is never complete. I often find myself working on one task, then I have somehow discovered 4 more while doing that one!

I don’t have a lot of time to spend blogging, I do it in a couple of hours a day. So I have to be efficient with my time and I’m always looking for ways how to things quicker and smarter.

Once you get to a certain level with blogging, you may find that your time is really valuable and you want to use it on those things that give you the most return, rather than simple tasks that can be outsourced, or skilled blog tasks that are better left to the professionals.

blog tasks to outsource

Content Writing

If you’re struggling to find the time to write content then you can buy blog posts from copywriters.

These types of services can write well researched, SEO optimised content for you. Which is fantastic if you have some gaps in your knowledge or you just don’t have the time to write your own content.

You might be worried about using copywriter services for your blog when you want it to remain authentic – but these skilled copywriters will write in your style and tone. You can also edit the article as you wish when it’s complete, so you may wish to add a sentence or paragraph here or there. It will still be much quicker than the time it takes to research, write, optimise for SEO and proofread a blog post. And it will all be written around your specified topic, keywords and include the meta descriptions, headline tags, slug to be used and the lot.

Guest Post Writing

Writing guest posts is a great way of getting your name out there and growing your audience. But your guest post content needs to be amazing to have a great chance making the best first impression which will lead to gaining some new readers for your own website.

But the problem with writing guest posts is that you need to write guest posts. Which is just time you might not have. So this is something else you can outsource – use copywriters to write your content like mentioned above.

Social Media Scheduling

Some tasks are so repetitive – just scheduling things like tweets, Pins and Facebook posts can take up a couple of hours of your week that you don’t have. This is a task you can easily outsource to a virtual assistant.

I use SocialBee to schedule my posts – it just loops them over and over again rather than scheduling individual posts.

SEO Tasks

Some SEO tasks might be better to outsource, especially the really technical stuff. You may want an SEO audit or to speed up your website but not sure where to start. You can hire an SEO expert to help you out as some of these things can be quite complicated and also mean you need to mess with the code of your website which is very scary.

Graphic Design

There are many ways you can outsource graphic design. You can hire people to create social media graphics for you, such as pins for you for Pinterest, you can get people to make your blog logo for you and so much more. Many of these services are available on Fiverr, or you can hire freelancers for this kind of work.

There are many people out there that offer a dedicated service for Pinterest – creating pins and scheduling them or if you want something more general and across a few platforms, most VAs can do this type of work.

Fixing Broken Links

When was the last time you checked your broken links? I checked mine the other day and I had about 160. It wasn’t long ago that I had over 1000 and spent ages removing them all (mostly from blog comments – old bloggers that left their links) and it took me so long. This id exactly the kind of task you can outsource to a VA. It’s easy to do, just so boring and time consuming!

Internal Linking

This is another SEO related task that takes time but you can outsource. Internal linking is great for your blogs SEO. It passes the link juice around so your posts will rank higher, it makes your blog more crawlable but Googlebots and your readers may click them which will increase your views and dwell time.

But ensuring every blog has a link pointing to it from another post isn’t an easy task. I’ve recently started using a Plugin called Link Whisperer which tells me which blog posts have no links pointing to them, then lets me quickly add one within the plugin rather than doing it manually.

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  1. I started to outsource my guest posts at the end of last year and it was a life send. I’m planning on doing some more while I take some time when the baby gets here


  2. Thanks Corrine, I already have a VA which is super helpful but will definitely ask her about broken links & what other things she can help with!
    Outsourcing has been so helpful to me, especially with working so much it frees me up to create content – which I love doing!
    Sarah xo

  3. There are definitely some blogging tasks is like a bit of help with. In particular social media scheduling. It’s SO boring! Haha. I’m also outsourcing all my graphic dressing stuff to my husband! He’s a web designer so it makes total sense going forward.

  4. Actually have not thought about this. I do make use of stock images which already saves me a tone of time.

  5. I didn’t realise there were people who you could outsource broken links to that would be awesome. I would love to outsource my Pinterest. That would be awesome. Thank you for sharing these suggestions, if I have the ability to I would love to do some of these in the future.

    Lauren – http://www.bournemouthgirl.com

  6. Great ideas! I’m working on my game right now and want to do more guest posts and almost all you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I do often wish that I had a clone of myself to divide my tasks! Between my fiction, book marketing researching for blog posts, and website maintenance, not to mention day jobs, cooking cleaning, to name a few, like many people reading this post, I’m spread thin. Thanks for the outsourcing suggestions.


  8. I am in the process of redesigning and correcting flaws on my blog so this post found me the right moment. I am considering of finding someone to improve my overal SEO for my blog. I also have to go through all my broken links.
    Thank you for your ideas. I appreciate them a lot!

  9. Thank you for all these amazing advices! It’s true, sometimes time is too short to do everything, and I’d like to increase my blogging business. I have to put some of your advices into practice:)

    xx Dasynka

  10. I think outsourcing graphic designing and even website design is such a good idea! There are so many people with years of experience and talent when it comes to this so why not let the experts handle what will probably take you a while to do anyways.

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