Why is Everyone in Golf Talking about Charlie Woods

AD| Charlie Woods News is hard to come by these days.  Even a few days after the PNC Championship, the 15-time major champion Tiger Woods…


AD| Charlie Woods News is hard to come by these days. 

Even a few days after the PNC Championship, the 15-time major champion Tiger Woods playing his first tournament since his catastrophic car crash this year was overshadowed by his son: Charlie Woods.

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Who is Charlie Woods?

Charlie Woods is the son of Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods, being the biggest name in golf for his entire career, just drew a record 3.2 million record rating on Wednesday for the PNC Championship because of this son. 

After a catastrophic driving crash which shattered his leg bones, Tiger Woods was thought to be completely out of professional golf for the rest of his life as the question would be if he could walk another 18 holes going forward.

But now, it’s not Tiger that is the center of attention technically but the similarities between him and his son’s mannerisms when on the course. The audience was in awe of the son of Tiger Woods, because we all wanted to wonder what it would be like being the son of Tiger Woods!

At the PNC Championship Charlie was not disappointing. The father son scramble finished with a 62 in both of the rounds in the 36-hole tournament.

In terms of popularity, it was a success. The best way possible to introduce his son Charlie into the public eye was a resounding achievement, with fawning fans all over the world looking on.

How Similar are Charlie and Tiger Woods?

Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods virtually have the same swing! That being said, Tiger’s has his body-pivot pull his right heel up through the impact of the golf ball without attempting to it on its own. So, Tiger pushes by rolling his foot forward, while Charlie Woods jumps his right hup and thigh up for extra power.

The kid is only 12 years old! Of course there’s going to be glaring differences between their swings.

But the mannerisms really seemed similar watching it on the television. The way the two twirl their clubs and pick up their tees after hitting a drive is identical. While their actual golf drives may differ, emotional questions always seem to reup themselves in relationships like these. Celebrity divorce, addiction, scandals, and driving crashes left a sour note on the personal side of Tiger Woods’ life.

One can only hope that Tiger Woods’ last frightening crash brings him even closer with his family, giving him the time to cherish his son Charlie and help him grow on the world stage.

Tiger Woods attempts to stay away from the limelight as much as possible, but with his son excelling in amateur golf tournaments, his son cannot avoid it. The flashing cameras and intense energy from the crowd changes the spirit, and Tiger did not want that for his son, bringing him on a more relaxed, and spectator free environment.

How Good is Charlie Woods?

On Sunday, Charlie looked to carry his dad through the tournament, with perfect drives, and under pressure shots either with irons or the putter, giving Team Woods 11 birdies in a row!

A wunderkind, a son of a wunderkind who enjoys competitive golf, especially in the controlled environment that the 2 relished in seemed at home at the PNC Championship. The lack of spectators also most likely helped the young Charlie keep relaxed and loose during the rounds of golf.

Time will tell whether the spotlight will burn too bright, but my money is on the son of Tiger Woods to be good at golf. Who would bet against the son of the person that boosted the relevancy of an entire sport by 100-fold?

“I idolize his (Charlie Woods’) swing all the time”

– Tiger Woods

High praise from the world record holder Tiger Woods!

Charlie rotates his body and turns his head so well that it is impossible to ignore the mechanical prowess that Charlie Woods has.

A 9-hole US Kids event was won by Charlie Woods by 5 whole shots! His impressive stacking up of amateur tournament wins, even for a child is a precursor of more to come in my humble opinion.

The reason why Charlie is hitting these miraculous shots in front of an already high-pressure situation could be that during the world-wide lockdown, Tiger Woods would take his son to go golfing at their local golf course much more often than usual.

With Tiger Woods’ confidence and swagger on the golf course, claiming headlines left and right, he’s a good player and has his dad’s skill. Charlie Woods will continue to excel in golf, even with his Dad beside him limping, the pair seemed so cool walking down the course together. The laser focus, the determination to win, I won’t be surprised if there will be a professional golfer named Charlie Woods in the near future.

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