My 2022 Blog Goals

So as the year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking of our goals for the next year. I’ve always set myself blog…


So as the year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking of our goals for the next year. I’ve always set myself blog goals (with the exception of last year when I had a newborn) and I find having something to aim for is a great way to keep myself motivated.

But goals only work if you hold yourself accountable to them. There’s no point in writing your goals down at the end of December, then not revisiting them for a year. I regularly review my goals throughout the year and if I’m not going to achieve my goal, I change something so I will achieve it, or I changed the goal slightly to make it achievable.

So let’s see what blog goals I have planned for 2022.

2022 goals blog

Double my organic traffic

I’ve been working so hard at my SEO and getting organic traffic since about March last year. I’ve experimented with a few things, improved my keyword research and managed to see some improvement. The problem is that SEO is a long game. It can take months to see results, so it can be disheartening to put so much effort into something if you don’t see any return for a long time.

But I’ve been trusting the process and trying to stick with it the best I can and I’m starting to see some results from those posts I was working on months ago!

Revisit my SEO plan

I set myself an SEO plan earlier in the year. I’ve never really sat down and done a plan like that, but I really need to revisit it and make a new one. There are some things that have worked for me, some things haven’t and I’ve also leant some new SEO things that I’d like a clear plan for!

Get to 10k on Instagram 

I’ve been working hard on Instagram and my Instagram content! I’ve played with many different tactics to try and get more followers, a better reach and more views.

I’m confident I can get to 10k in 2022. I’m currently at 6300 and I’ve gained about 3k this year. So I only really need to do that again to get 10k!

I’ve been enjoying Instagram again too. I’ve actually been getting paid work on there which is insane to me! Instagram campaigns are kind of stressful but I’m enjoying being out of my comfort zone and learning something new.

Get to 5k on Tiktok

I regret not trying with Tiktok sooner. I really want to get to 5k on there and eventually be able to monetise it. At the moment, I’m just doing little TikTok vlogs and also sharing similar content that I post on reels to Tiktok. Listen, I’m never going to be one of those people that sings and dances and points to words. It’s just not my thing. So I’m just going with what I enjoy, which is doing the little vlogs.

I want to work on making them more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been enjoying my piano vlogs where I add my own playing to my videos! I struggle with views on TikTok though, It doesn’t seem to matter how many followers I have, only seem to get about 150 views per video which is why I don’t want to put loads of time in to it. It’s more about repurposing content to use across different platforms.

Experiment with idea pins 

So, I did a couple of ads on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I had to do two idea pins. They did okay with their reach! And so I posted another and that did okay too!

So I would like to post a couple of idea pins each month. I’ve struggled so much on Pinterest recently seeing as they’ve changed so much about it. I am hoping I can repurpose my reels and Tiktok content into idea pins and get some decent results!

Continue to diversify my income 

So far this year I’ve made some money from:

  • Blogging on skinnedcartree
  • Blogging on 5 of my other blogs
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Affiliate marketing

I’m really pleased with this as I usually just make money with blogging. I really want to continue to diversify this so I have different income streams.

Consistently earn £2000 a month 

I’ve been smashing my income goal month on month. Now it’s time for a new one! I didn’t plan on making this much but it’s been so helpful and meant I can put money in savings and overpay the mortgage which I’m really pleased with.

So yeah, they’re my blog goals for 2022! I’m so glad I now blog full-time. It’s been stressful at times but I love the flexibility it gives me. I just want to scale up my earnings (naturally!) and be able to put some money into new house in a few years (and a baby grand piano!).

What are your blog goals for 2022?


  1. Loved reading this! I believe working on SEO is such an important goal for all bloggers. Good luck with your goals. I genuinely wish you achieve all of them!

  2. I loved reading your goals for the coming year! They made me so motivated for what I plan to do this year with my blog, especially focusing on SEO and figuring out how to make an income! Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to see how you do at the end of 2022!

  3. Fab goals my love. You’re absolutely smashing it! Wishing you all the best for the new year. I’d really love to increase my organic traffic and diversify my income too.

    Claire. X

  4. When you make goals you can break down and talk about, you know you have done good! I love seeing how you plan on upping your blogging game next year and improving on what you already have here. Best of luck! 🙂

  5. Your growth has been amazing! I’m hoping to put a lot more work and focus into my content for 2022, congrats!

    Courtney x

  6. Love to see your goals and actually reminded me to get a new SEO plan and revise my strategy! I am always in awe by how much you manage to do and have so many blogs! I really admire the work you put in and I am sure you will manage to achieve all of these! X

  7. I love seeing thoughtful and ambitious blogging goal posts! They’re so inspiring, and I love to see people working toward their goals. I made a few very modest blogging goals for myself, but I think I’m going to revisit them around June. I haven’t blogged in earnest in awhile, so I think having some time to settle in before setting big goals is the way to go for me!


  8. These are amazing goals – diversifying your income is definitely something I’d like to do. For the first time since I started blogging, I’ve not set any goals for this year other than to sit back and enjoy it a bit more!

  9. I’d definitely like to start blogging a bit more again in 2022! I find SEO so boring but I need to put more effort into that too!
    Amy x

  10. You have FIVE blogs I can’t even manage one! superwoman! I really want to hit 5k on Instagram it goes up then down again . I do need to be more consistent with it all though. Good luck with your goals xx

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