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How to stand out during the cold season?

AD| How to stand out during the cold season? Fashion has no greater enemy than the cold weather. That outfit you worked so hard to…


AD| How to stand out during the cold season?

Fashion has no greater enemy than the cold weather. That outfit you worked so hard to put together is covered up by a coat, hat and, gloves whenever you go outside. However, winter wear does not have to be boring if you put a little thought into your outerwear. There are a few things you can do to stand out in the wintertime.

Personalized Clothing

You have probably seen all of the whimsical scarves your local department store has to offer. Piano scarves and cat-eared hoodies are cute, but plenty of people have them. You want to make sure that you have genuinely unique outerwear. 

There are internet-based companies that will allow you to create your own hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves. All you have to do is upload an original design, or create one using the tools provided on the website. Most of these companies have a warehouse full of many different items to choose from. You just choose the article of clothing you want and the company will ship it right out to you for a reasonable price.

You can also get holiday-themed sweatshirts or order a personalized t-shirt from Printful. T-shirts are popular all year long and they look great over a plain turtle neck sweater. 

A Colorful Coat 

Look around the next time you are on public transportation in the winter and you will see people draped in black, grey, and tan outerwear. Turn things around by wearing a coat in a bright color. Bright pink trench coats with matching boots are feminine and eye-catching.

If you live in an area that gets rainy rather than snowy, you may want to try a shimmering blue rain slicker or an umbrella with an image of a great work of art. 

Long coats have been all the rage for quite a while. They protect your clothes and they can be worn with pants or a dress.

Vintage Wear

If you hit the thrift shops in your area you are certain to find some great winter clothing. Wool sweaters and skirts were made to last back in the day. You can also find sweatshirts from old political campaigns and television shows.

Be sure to look in the outerwear section. You will find old pea coats, dusters, and the occasional military jacket. You may even find something that not only looks great but is worth money.

Put the Cotton in Storage

Cotton may be beautiful and breathable, but it is not the best material to wear in the winter. Cotton does not respond well to moisture. You can find some classic-looking snowflake sweaters in wool and synthetic materials.

Repurpose Your Winter Clothing

Nowadays everyone is concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Repurposing old clothing is good for the environment and will give you a chance to play around with various styles. 

Wear an old sundress over a long sleeve shirt or wear a cardigan sweater over the dress. On milder days you can wear a jean jacket with a hat, scarf, and gloves.

Remember that hats and scarves are fashion accessories. If you can’t afford an expensive coat, you may want to pair a cheap cloak with a designer scarf and glove set. 

Winter can be a hard time. It is cold and dark outside and it is harder to walk and drive. It is too easy to spend the season hibernating in sweaters. You will always feel better when you are dressed nicely. Wearing an attention-getting wardrobe will give you a reason for going out to all those winter get-togethers. 

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