Dream vacations in Mykonos

AD| A name and a story, a thousand pictures and millions of sighs. Its incomparable beauty, famous at the ends of the world. Its aesthetics,…


AD| A name and a story, a thousand pictures and millions of sighs. Its incomparable beauty, famous at the ends of the world. Its aesthetics, of a high level. And its culture “emerges” in every landscape, self-luminous and able to maintain the perfect balance between imaginary and real. Its crystal clear beaches look like a dream. 

Like a dream, the trip to the “island of the winds” composes a fascinating mosaic with modern luxury amenities, hotels and multi-star restaurants and the unique Cycladic beauty famous all over the world. Mykonos of many different people recounts the moments of 1950 when the legendary parties of Onassis, Jackie O and Marlon Brando became the reason for the island to begin to “live” its golden age. Since then, Mykonos has been the ark of a good and beautiful life!

Diving on postcard beaches

Famous and mysterious beaches, but above all beautiful. In Mykonos and especially in the southern part, Megali Ammos stands out, which is very close to the country, and Ornos, south of Korfos, which stands out for its tourist infrastructure. Next is the famous Psarou, the beautiful Platys Gialos from where there are sea routes to the famous beaches: Paraga, Kalamopodi, Plintri, Agrari, Elia. Also, the lovely beach is Paradise and is renowned for parties of Super Paradise (Plintri). Excellent choices are Lyia, Agrari, where usually the winds favour water sports. Two more good beaches with long sandy beaches are Agia Anna and Kalafatis. In the north, we distinguish Panormos, Ftelia and Tourlos.

In the alleys of the most beautiful island capital of the Cyclades

Undoubtedly the island has one of the most beautiful and picturesque Cycladic Countries. The Aegean alleys with their Cycladic houses and blue lines and the tourist shops-architectural jewels compose the magical Mykonian puzzle of the walk. All the alleys lead to Matogianni, the main road, while famous alleys, such as those of the Armed Forces and the Metropolis, are adorned by various shops of high aesthetics. The Kapopoulos Fine Arts Gallery has paintings and sculptures by leading Greek and international artists.

For the most beautiful sunset

The most sensual corner of the island is Little Venice. Its image with the hanging Mykonian balconies at sunset is perhaps the most magical image of the island. Here you will find some of the most famous terraces for drinks and food. We singled out Vicolo, Veranda and Semeli the Bar. For more evening walks, we recommend the opposite shops, Bombonniere and Astra, for their nice aesthetics and helpful staff.

Delos: The whole island is an open-air archaeological museum

Do not leave if you do not visit Delos if you go to Mykonos. The whole island is an open-air archaeological museum with 5,000-year-old monuments. The traces you will encounter will tell you the time when Delos was very famous as the birthplace of the goddess Artemis and the god Apollo, hence the name of Delios and therefore an important religious centre that developed into a commercial. Mykonian boats have been serving the journey from Mykonos to Delos and from Delos to Mykonos for centuries since Delos did not have a ferry connection with Piraeus. For lovers of history, visit the Museum of Delos and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

Discover every corner of Mykonos island with your car, discovering all its wonderful places. An island that welcomes thousands of visitors every year but that many do not have the opportunity to really explore. But you have the unique opportunity to discover every aspect of it, living the experience up close. You can turn to the Enjoy Travel company, which can offer you a rental car at incredible prices, so you have the opportunity to discover all the places as mentioned earlier and even more.

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