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Are Printed Calendars Used As Much As Digital Ones

AD| As we know, technology has taken almost every part of our lives. We can’t go a day without using technology and its service. We…


AD| As we know, technology has taken almost every part of our lives. We can’t go a day without using technology and its service. We became used to the fact that this is how we are supposed to live from this moment on. 

But, there is still a part of us that wants to stay connected to the older days when we used to have everything right in front of our hands. There are still people that like to read newspapers in front of their TV or write everything they want on paper. 

There is an invisible battle between the digital and printed age. But, as time goes on, it is still a question of which one will win. People have done surveys to see which one people are drawn to. And we can say that it all depends on what age the people are that are being questioned. 

How do people like to organize their time?

We are in a time where we use technology for almost everything. We wake up, and the first thing we do is check our phones. Later during the day, we are mostly sitting in front of our computers and working on something or just chilling. 

Whenever we need to organize something, we use our phones and write everything on them. We don’t get the feeling of getting a paper and pen and writing on it. Those times are starting to become something that only older people did. Younger generations are starting to lose the sense of using anything else that is not technology. We are still unsure whether that is something that we need to be afraid of or not. 

Is the printed age threatened by the digital age?

These days the digital world is something that every person is ultimately drawn into. We have started using things that are digital, and that is something that we weren’t thinking about before. One thing that people are beginning to lose the sense of using is calendars. 

Now we have digital calendars on our phones and computers. So, we don’t feel the need to go and buy a calendar to put on our desk. That was something that people used to do until a few years back. 

Every home had at least one calendar in it, and people used to follow and organize their day based on what was written on it. But why should they do it now?

You have your phone, and you can do everything on it. Just click on it, and you are just seconds away from doing whatever you want. 

But, there is beauty and satisfaction in having a printed calendar. It is not the same feeling having a printed calendar on your desk and looking at all those different backgrounds. 

You can easily customize it and have it made just for you. While the digital calendar has so few options to decorate it.

 There are still people that believe that printed calendars are better than digital ones. And there is a reason for that.  Some people still get excited about getting a calendar as a gift. And you can’t gift a digital calendar to anyone. This is a battle that takes a long time until it ends. If you want to know more about this, follow the link

Where can you use a printed calendar?

Since we are seeing less and fewer people rely on the printed word, there is still some hope for those who do. As we mentioned before, when it comes to calendars, people tend to use digital ones instead of printed ones. 

But, there is still one place where printed calendars are bound to be seen for a long time. And that place is the business world. Almost every company still uses printed calendars. 

They like to do their own custom calendars and have them placed in their offices. Employees are unknowingly forced to use them. But, as time goes by, they get used to using them. And they see the fun and benefits from using them. 

They make employees have a more organized workday. Also, their calendar is adding more beauty to their desk. Whoever walks into their office will most likely see it and feel drawn to it. We all have an eye for appealing things. And most times in an office that are tent calendars, and we all know why. 

You can plan everything ahead and still have something pretty sitting on your desk. It is always a good idea to have a printed version of whatever you are using that is digital. And calendars are on this list as well. 


Printed calendars are still something that people use. Maybe they are not used as much. However, we think that even though technology is taking over the world, some parts of it will still like the printed one more. 

Having a feeling like we are still using something more simple and having complete control of how it’s looking is something that still some people are keen on. They don’t like feeling like technology is consuming them. People want to use something that they can physically hold.

And calendars are something that still brings satisfaction to some. Especially if you are working in an office, you know this feeling. Not having a calendar sitting on your desk will make it seem like the office is missing something. Even if you won’t be using it, the feeling of knowing it’s supposed to be there is something that will make you feel uneasy. 

Tent calendars are made to be very practical. They have exciting backgrounds, and they are made so that you can quickly write on them. Some companies make them custom for their employees, so they know how they like them made. 

Since there are many made, they are all not the same. They have different headings, writings, fonts, backgrounds. Some of them are made to look very simple. Some of them are made just to draw attention to people.  

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