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5 Simple Living Room Makeover Tips on a Budget

AD| The living room is the most important space in your house. It is where you spend time with family and friends. A good living…


AD| The living room is the most important space in your house. It is where you spend time with family and friends. A good living room will not only make your guests feel welcome and at home but can also be a great place to relax in solitude. Below are 5 simple ways to get an easy living room makeover without breaking the bank!

5 Simple Living Room Makeover Tips on a Budget

Paint the walls a neutral colour to make it feel more spacious.

If you’re looking to update your living room’s overall look, painting the walls is one of the most accessible and inexpensive ways. To add some punch without breaking the bank, try this simple trick: paint just half of each wall white while leaving an accent wall in its natural hue for contrast.

It will give your space dimension and drama without feeling overwhelming or busy! You can also play up various finishes within your room by choosing different textures around door frames, mantles, and even ceiling beams if they are exposed-it’s all about layering interest here.

This is a great way to add character and make your living room feel unique without spending too much time or money.

If you’ve always fancied having a go at some panelling, you could get an MDF Wall Panelling Kit for a very reasonable price! I love the look of wall pannels and it seems simple to do on your own!


Murals are a great way to add personality and visual interest to your home decor on a budget. There are so many different styles and types of murals available from Ever Wallpaper. You’re sure to find one that fits your taste and budget. Plus, they can be quickly and easily installed by even the most novice in DIY.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your living room a makeover, consider adding a mural. You can find some really beautiful and affordable options online. And if you’re feeling creative, you could even try painting one yourself!

Whatever route you decide to go, adding a mural is an easy way to inject some life into your living room without breaking the bank. So, get creative and start planning your new look today.

Add some throw pillows on your couch for comfort and style.

Throw pillows are a simple way to add comfort and style to your couch. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours so that you can find the perfect ones for your space. Not only will they make your couch look better, but they’ll also make it more comfortable to sit on.

Plus, if you ever get tired of them or want to switch things up, it’s easy to swap them out for something else. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your living room a fresh new look, adding some throw pillows is a great option.

5 Simple Living Room Makeover Tips on a Budget

Using wallpapers.

Wallpaper is a great way to give your living room makeover an instant update. With wallpaper, you can also use a simple design, and it will still look stunning.

If you are on a budget or want to keep costs down, then it’s worth looking at wallpaper as your first choice for making over the living room. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of cheaper options out there!

Your best bet is to go online, where most brands will sell very cheap sample packs. They’re a great value because they give you enough material for testing in different rooms without spending too much money.

Get rid of clutter

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your living room a quick makeover is to get rid of any clutter. This includes getting rid of excess furniture, knick-knacks, and anything else that’s taking up space.

If you’re having trouble getting started, try sorting through everything and dividing it into three piles: keep, donate, or throw away. Once everything has been sorted, start by getting rid of the items in the “throw away” pile.

Then, go through the “donate” pile and see if there are any items that can be sold or given away for free. Finally, take whatever’s left from the “keep” pile and put it back into your living room in an organized manner.

It will be easier to clean and decorate your living room if you get rid of any excess furniture, knick-knacks, or anything else that’s taking up space.

In conclusion

It’s not hard to breathe new life into a living room and make it look beautiful, even on a budget. With the right furniture and decoration pieces, you’ll be able to create an inviting space that reflects your style.

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