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5 festive outfit ideas

It’s almost Christmas! I’m getting excited already. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love dressing up in festive clothes! I wanted to…


It’s almost Christmas! I’m getting excited already. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love dressing up in festive clothes! I wanted to share some of my favourite festive outfit ideas that I’ll be wearing this Christmas and new year.

This Christmas will be casual dress for me. I’ve not been invited to any Christmas parties at No. 10, and even if I had, a party is the last place I want to be. I’ve got a few small plans but nothing wild. Christmas with a 1-year-old means the only thing I really want for Christmas is peace and quiet!

Our Christmas plans are to go for food at a friends one day, go into York for some food one afternoon and the rest will be spent at home with family. We’re hosting Christmas on both Christmas day and boxing day this year which I’m so happy about as I LOVE BEING AT HOME. It’s just easier with Leo, too, as all his toys are here and if he needs a nap, I can just pop upstairs for a bit.

Going out for a day with a baby involves taking too much stuff so it’s just more relaxing for us to stay put.

These items are mostly old, so I’ve put similar items for you to check out underneath.

Sparkly dress

festive outfit ideas

Christmas is all about glitter and sparkles! This black sparkly dress from Monsoon has sequins on that look lovely in the light. This outfit is perfect for a Christmas party or even new years eve! I bought this a couple of years ago now and I’ve only worn it once. I probably won’t wear it this year as we’re not going out ot any parties, but I would wear it if we were! It’s a wonderfully festive outfit and I love the fit of it. It’s a great Christmas party outfit idea for 2021!

Shop similar:

Plum knit dress

festive outfit ideas

This outfit is so cosy! It’s a soft knit dress that is nice and warm. Perfect for cold winter walks and staying nice and cosy! I bought this from Sainsbury’s as an autumn dress but I’ve not had a chance to wear it yet. I generally like short sleeves as I overheat quickly so I’ll be wearing this on colder days to stay warm, or just wear it over leggings around the house as it’s really comfy.

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Festive dress

festive outfit ideas

I love this dress from Stylish mum. I’ve even got Leo a matching t-shirt! It’s got a lovely Christmas pattern. It has pockets, too and is a breastfeeding dress so the material lifts up so I can feed him. I love this brand for breastfeeding clothes and I have two other breastfeeding dresses from Stylish Mum. Leo’s top is in age 1-2 so I’m hoping it will fit him next year so we can get more ware out of it!

You can get 10% off at Stylish mum with the discount code corinnecorinne

Winter jumper

festive outfit ideas

I love the pattern on this jumper. It’s a bit of a subtle Christmas jumper that you can get away with all winter. Great for getting a bit festive without being too out there! Fairisle is a lovely pattern, I want more but it’s pointless me buying more Christmas jumpers! I got this Christmas jumper from Tesco in 2019.

This neck on this keeps you really warm, too.

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Christmas jumper

festive outfit ideas

This Christmas jumper is so thick and cosy. I love the pattern and the colour! I love Christmas jumpers and have quite a selection now, but this one has to be my favourite! It’s from Tesco and I got Leo a onsie suit in the same pattern. We look really cute matching in this set!

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What do you think of my festive outfit ideas? I’d love to hear about what type of clothes you wear over Christmas!


  1. Hahaaa I’ve not been invited to any parties at No.10 either. Love love that sparkly dress! I’ll be dressing fairly casual over Christmas too, my plans are definitely more muted than usual!
    Amy x

  2. OMG I love these! As a new mom, I’m so stoked to see outfits that can actually look good on my postpartum bod LOL
    You look super cute with your little one.

  3. nice variety of holiday outfits here! love the sweaters – and i think i need the neutral one for my wardrobe. the sparkly black dress is stunning!!

  4. I love a good Christmas jumper as I can just chuck it on with whatever I’m wearing – if it’s more winter than Christmas it’ll also get lots of wear as I can start wearing it in November and wear it right through until about February or even March! I have two Christmas “dresses” that I wear over leggings or jeans – they are a bit short to go by themselves but long for a t-shirt. Does also mean that I got away with wearing them two Christmasses ago when I was pregnant (and now that I have some to spare around my middle!). I love a bit of sparkle in there too but not the kind of sparkle that malts everywhere!

  5. Ooo I love the first sparkly dress itโ€™s so cute!! I very rarely make an effort on actual Christmas Day but these are such cute outfit ideas for the lead up to Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Courtney x

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