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What Gives A Man His Confidence?

AD| We cannot kid ourselves, most women a drawn to a confident man; and other men for that matter. There’s something about a chap who…


AD| We cannot kid ourselves, most women a drawn to a confident man; and other men for that matter. There’s something about a chap who just knows what he wants, what he needs to do to get it and when he will get it. Driven, focussed, goal-oriented and confident in his persona; a man like this is hard to find and even harder to keep up with. However, we all have our vulnerable side. There is no such thing as a real-life superman. The strongest, richest and more talented individuals all have weak points and very often, it is the source of their confidence. For most men it’s their job, talent or skills. For others, it might be their style, signs of youth and or the security of mind. Let’s explore this further.

A ‘power’ suit

Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but there is no such thing as a power suit. It’s a phrase that really only the bankers from Wall Street use. No one else thinks of their suit as giving them a specific power. But let’s not lie, when you wear a good-fitting suit, it’s made out of high-quality material, the detail is meticulous and you know someone with a lot of talent has cut and sewn your suit with their bare hands, it does give you a confidence boost. Most men can testify, a classic British suit gives them confidence. The lines compliment the figure, but don’t put any part of a man’s body on display. It’s also darker, mainly blue, grey and brown so you have a great silhouette. It’s undeniable, a good suit that’s tailored to the man, makes him feel special.

The signs of youth

Even though they say the ‘bald’ gene is actually inherited from the mother, it usually only affects men. So male pattern baldness is a bit unusual and hence we don’t really have a cure for it yet. But we do have complex modern hair transplant techniques such as FUE. So, what’s involved in a FUE hair transplant? FUE stands for follicular unit extraction whereby good healthy follicles are extracted from the head and placed where they are lacking. Don’t worry they will grow back from where they are taken, but they take about 1-3 years to grow out and give a man a new hairline. 

Hearing the words

Men are much like women in some respects. Hearing the words ‘you look good’, or ‘I like how explained that’ or something that just gives them praise, a sign you’re impressed or of that nature, goes far in the confidence-building arena. Many women need to hear that they look great in a dress they hate, or that their diet is paying off, or maybe that they told a funny story. Everyone needs to be told they are attractive both in mind and body, every now and again; men are no different!

Lots of things can give a man confidence but some of the things we point out really do matter. Whether it’s a suit, a head full of hair or compliments, confidence is something we can add to for the men in our lives. 

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