How To Make Sure Your Skin Looks Great In Photos

AD| A lot goes into looking good in photos. You need your hair to be on point, find the right pose and even have a…


AD| A lot goes into looking good in photos. You need your hair to be on point, find the right pose and even have a background that fits. But above all else, you want your skin to look great. Blemishes, pimples, irritation and redness can all impact our self-confidence and hold us back from feeling our best in front of the camera.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make sure your skin always looks radiant during photos. Whether these are headshots for work, wedding photos or simply a selfie for Instagram, it’s possible to look your best.

Without any further ado, let’s go over some tips to ensure your skin always looks great in photos.

Edit Photos Tastefully

With technology advancing a ton, editing photos is easier than ever. There are many apps that can quickly and effectively improve any photo you take. For example, check out this app for removing blemishes and making skin appear smoother. You can also apply filters, change colours and use various tools to smooth out your skin or add some colour. All in all, there are several ways a photo can be edited to make your skin look exactly the way you wish it did.

Not only that, but many of these apps are either free or very affordable for almost anyone. However, editing can be a slippery slope. You need to be sure not to edit your photos too much, or it can look fake and too cartoony. Editing your photos and selfies should be about subtlety improving how you look, not completely changing it.

Prepare Your Skin

Another way to ensure your skin looks great in photos is to prepare your skin before taking the shots. For example, if you suffer from red and irritated skin, there are some things you can do to reduce this ahead of time.  Also, using a cool facial mask or even a cold compress can help to reduce puffiness and bring down swelling.

You should also be sure to moisturize, and put on some makeup (but not too much that it’s caked on). In addition to makeup in general, be sure to utilize some concealer and cover-up. This is great for any blemishes, breakouts or dark circles under your eyes.

While this preparation might not be able to instantly deal with every skin issue you may be facing, it can certainly help you appear healthier and look better.

Use the Right Lighting

It is also important to remember the importance of light in photography. The exact same photo featuring the same subject, background and angle, can look vastly different in one type of lighting vs. another.

As far as the best lighting for skin looking great in photos, it is natural light in the morning or the evening. At this time, sunlight is very soft and can be very flattering to the skin and your look as a whole. If you can’t find good natural light for one reason or another, consider a soft type of indoor lighting.

If you only have harsh light (such as the sun at high noon or intense indoor lighting) make sure that the light isn’t hitting your face as it can look bad, show more of your pores, and also hurt your eyes. For the best shots in harsh lighting, have the light behind you.

Any or all of these tips can help make sure that your skin looks amazing in every single photo you take. Sure, it takes a bit more work than simply snapping the photo, but it can ensure that the photos come out looking flawlessly.

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