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Get your Personalised Letter from Santa Claus!

AD| It’s not long now until Santa arrives! Have you got your personalised letter from Santa Claus sorted for your children? When I was younger,…


AD| It’s not long now until Santa arrives! Have you got your personalised letter from Santa Claus sorted for your children?

When I was younger, I used to always write letters to Santa. The below is one that I wrote and he replied to:

My best friend, who lived two houses away from me, also got a reply to her letter in the exact same handwriting. I was about the age when I was starting to question Santa (or Santer) and this litter kept Christmas a little more magical for me for another year or two.

I couldn’t get my head around how my friend got a reply with the same handwriting. It must have been Santa. There was no other explanation.

Years later, my mum told me that my friends Dad came around and wrote the reply while I was in bed.

Lapland letters send beautiful, magical letters to your children. You can pick from 10 designs and they come with a secret Santa map and arrive in an envelope from Lapland.

You can also get a free bumper activity pack (early bird offer at the time of writing this blog post). This means that along with your personalised letter from Santa, you will also get a free personalised 2021 ‘Good Child List’ certificate, a Christmas countdown, Christmas Eve treat sheet, as well as an invitation to join the Lapland Elf Club!

These are perfect for spending some time with your child doing some Christmas activities! I’m going to keep hold of one for when Leo is a bit older and then give him the activities for us to do together.

There are also other add-ones you can include. My personal favourite is the Magical Santa Key. I would have LOVED this key as a child! It’s great if your house doesn’t have a chimney – the key will make sure Santa can get into your home and delivery your presents. Just leave it somewhere safe for him!

There’s a personalised chocolate bar, reindeer food, cookie mix and you can even buy a beautiful wooden box with your child name on it.

I would have LOVED this as a child. It’s got so many things to do. I can picture myself as a child now getting excited about all the activities and the key. I probably would have carried the key with me at all times. I love old fashioned things and the beautiful brass key is perfect. I kind of want to keep it for myself now, haha. But I will resist and it can be Leo’s Santa key when he’s old enough to understand!

I picked the ‘baby’s first Christmas’ letter. Even though it’s Leo’s second Christmas, he was only 4 weeks old last year. It was all a blur and I kind of feel like this Christmas is his first! It’s not like he will know the difference when he reads when he is older!

You are able to write a paragraph of what you like at the bottom, which is a lovely touch. It’s such a beautiful letter and I can’t wait to show Leo when he’s older!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Lapland Letter today! There’s also free UK standard delivery on all orders!

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  1. Haha I love your letter, aren’t children funny! I remember writing to Santa and getting a reply and it definitely kept me believing a bit longer!
    Amy x

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