4 ways to feel young at any age

AD| The quest for eternal youth hangs over us all. There is scarcely an industry as lucrative as the world of beauty, with countless brands…


AD| The quest for eternal youth hangs over us all. There is scarcely an industry as lucrative as the world of beauty, with countless brands pushing lotions and potions that promise to take ten years from our aging faces. 

And as we get older and gain experience (along with our crow’s feet), it’s not uncommon to feel a yearning for those younger years as we grow older.  

There’s no way to turn back the clock, but it is possible to reclaim your youthful enthusiasm at any time of life. These are just four ways to feel younger at any age. 

1. Learn something new

As we get older and adjust to our routines, we sometimes find ourselves feeling stagnant and uninspired. 

And in the workplace especially, it’s easy to feel you can’t compete with your younger colleagues, many of whom may be stepping in straight from university. 

With a distance learning course from ARU, you can keep your skills fresh and relevant to your role, open career opportunities, and recapture a love for learning. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a new qualification, or are simply looking for a hobby, consider an evening class to keep your mind active. 

2. Rediscover old favourites 

There’s no better way to tap into that electric energy of your younger self than to rediscover the things you loved back then! 

For instance, the power of music can take us back to just about any memory – stick on a playlist of your most nostalgic anthems and dance like nobody’s watching! Alternatively, rewatch a favourite flick from your younger years for instant feel-good vibes.  

3. Adopt a pet 

Naturally, the adoption of a new pet is not a decision to be taken lightly – it’s a major commitment that requires careful consideration

But a new addition to your household can give you a fresh sense of excitement and companionship, and can even help you to keep active! 

Whether you’re a cat or dog person, animals give us entertainment, affection and fulfilment. 

4. Be spontaneous 

As we grow older and supposedly wiser, life can begin to feel a little routine – between the nine-to-five, the school run and a seemingly endless cycle of taking the bins out, the days tend to roll into predictable territory. 

It’s harder to be spontaneous if you have a family – but spontaneity doesn’t have to mean making big plans or spending a lot of money. For instance, if you have a free day on a weekend, take a spontaneous trip to the beach, or stay inside and have a family game night

If you don’t have children or are lucky enough to have a babysitter, why not see what’s on in your city? Explore local attractions or see if there are any events at local venues. 

Spontaneous actions give us a sense of freedom, and doing something impulsive can give us that much-needed thrill and renewed inspiration in our daily lives. 

These are just four ideas to help you recapture that youthful feeling in your everyday life. 

Got any tips to feel forever young? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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