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Prepare to Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

AD| Is the big day arriving? Then time to choose the wedding destination, plan for the decorations, and make a list of the guests you’ll…


AD| Is the big day arriving? Then time to choose the wedding destination, plan for the decorations, and make a list of the guests you’ll invite and so on. But most importantly, start taking care of your body and skin. From eating healthy, getting enough rest to receiving timely facials in New York, here are the steps to go flawless on your wedding day. 

5-6 Months Before

  • Begin a daily skincare routine including exfoliation, cleansing and moisturization. In addition to that, get some expert skin treatment. Skin care specialists of Staten Island Glam Glow Esthetics recommend scheduling the best facials in New York to address any skin concerns well in advance before the big day. Learn how frequently you should get the facials for the perfect bridal glow.
  • Opt for laser hair removal, if you wish. A 2020 study says that long-pulsed 755nm alexandrite laser therapy is effective and safe, and gives long-lasting results.  
  • Incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. 
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables regularly to glow brighter than the sun, as a study by the University of Nottingham says. 
  • The next few months will be busy. So, make sure to take time to relax and recharge your body and mind. Do it with morning walks, daily meditations, yoga, and weekly massages and facials in New York. 

3-4 Months Before

  • Get adequate sleep and drink lots of water. Eat healthy and do not start stressing too much about the big day. 
  • To distract yourself, plan one of the weekends away with your fiancé. 
  • You may have your brows (and your entire face) lifted.  

1-2 Months Before

  • Go for professional or at-home teeth whitening, if required. 
  • Although stress levels will tend to rise, try to unwind and relax. Do not let those stress-induced dark circles win. 
  • Get an LED light facial therapy at New York to achieve the ultimate glow with a non-invasive, safe procedure. 

1-2 Weeks Before

  • Dye your hair, if you wish. 
  • Schedule pedicures, manicures, and facials in Brooklyn, New York for both yourself and your teen siblings. 
  • Get plenty of rest. On the night before the wedding day, sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. This can enhance lymphatic drainage to keep your under-eye troughs free from pools of liquid. 

On the Big Day! 

  • Take a shower 4-5 hours before getting decked up. 
  • Double-check your nails (so they are not chipped when all eyes are on the wedding ring). 
  • Moisturize your hands. 
  • Do not forget your makeup and hair touch-up kit. 
  • Go for that final spritz of your favorite perfume before you leave your room. You will be ready to turn heads with your glow and fragrance.
  • Take a deep breath in. Look around at your family, friends and fiancé. Take it all in. Your host of preparations was just for this day! Feel confident and walk on. 

Consider booking the next appointment of your facial session in New York before your honeymoon and another after that. Your glow should not fade even after the wedding day!

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