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IDentity Lingerie silk pyjamas

AD| I don’t think I’ve ever had silk pyjamas before! I’m so happy I do now as I love my new silk pyjamas from IDentity…


AD| I don’t think I’ve ever had silk pyjamas before! I’m so happy I do now as I love my new silk pyjamas from IDentity Lingerie.

IDentiy Lingerie make underwear, nightwear and facemasks. If you’re looking for quality, sustainable, body-positive brands to shop with then IDentity Lingerie needs to get on your radar immediately.

IDentity Lingerie silk pyjamas

Here are the two main reasons I love this family run company:


Each product from IDentity Lingerie is carefully handmade so they don’t have a negative impact on the environment like mass-produced or fast fashion products do. Every item is either sold or refurbished into a different item so there’s no waste.

All the products are made with slow fashion in mind – the pieces on IDentity Lingerie do not follow the latest trends that come and go, but they are timeless pieces that you can enjoy for years. This helps to further reduce waste.

The quality and attention to detail in these handcrafted products mean they will last you a long time and are a great addition to your wardrobe if you are interested in slow fashion (and you should be!).

Body Positive

IDentity Lingerie is keen on promoting body positivity. The ethically made nightwear and lingerie is for all body types. They stock larger sizes and even allow custom orders based on measurements to ensure you will get a perfect fit no matter what your body type is. You get products made for your height and get different, custom sizes, for your bottom and top.

IDentity Lingerie also has many products modelled by women of different sizes and heights. So you can see the same item on two or three different ladies to give a better idea of fit. I’ve not seen this on other online stores before but think it’s brilliant!

IDentity Lingerie silk pyjamas

My silk pyjamas

After looking through IDentity Lingerie, I settled on a silk PJ set. I was tempted to get some fancy underwear but I’m still breastfeeding so I actually have no idea what size my boobs are when they’re not full of milk! I’m also wearing nursing bras at the moment.

But pyjamas are something that I’ll be able to use now.

I picked the green long silk pyjamas because I thought they looked quite festive! I’m getting ready for the colder months so wanted the long ones. These are also really ideal for me because I bedshare with my baby and he feeds throughout the night. These pyjamas are so good for this as it means I can unbutton the top two buttons to get my breasts out for him and still stay warm as my arms are covered.

I can’t have covers on to keep me warm as it’s not safe to have a duvet up to your neck when sharing with a baby as it can risk covering their face. So long sleeves are the way forward.

The silk pyjamas feel so nice on my skin. They’re so soft and smooth and when you’ve just shaved your legs it feels AMAZING. I feel so good in these pyjamas – they’re both cosy and elegant. I almost don’t want to wear them as I’m ‘saving them for best’ haha.

If you want to get your hands on your own silk pyjamas, follow this link.

IDentity Lingerie silk pyjamas

Face masks

I also got two reusable facemasks. I know facemasks are not a requirement anymore but I still wear mine in public as it’s such a simple way to stop the spread of covid and other winter bugs!

IDentity Lingerie has a lovely selection of washable facemasks which have a filter pocket and four layers of fabric for maximum protection.

They come with a soft elastic ear strap with a Slip Knot to adjust them which is great news for people like me who has a small head/face.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience with IDentity Lingerie and I love my new silk pj’s.

I’ve been having a nosey at their site and they have some lovely white underwear and some bridal nightdresses and gown that may be ideal for my upcoming wedding… I might need to treat myself!

Have you ever heard of IDentity Lingerie before?


  1. I love a good pair of pyjamas. It’s become a bit of a tradition for my Mum to buy me new winter pyjamas for Christmas. The apartment we’re staying in at the moment is so warm at night that I’m still in my summer pyjamas (under a winter duvet) and last night found that I kicked off the duvet completely which is so unlike me lol.

  2. These look so comfortable and I love the colour you chose! It’s so great that they’re a sustainable and body positive company too. Pyjamas make great Christmas gifts too! What a great find

  3. I do love a good set of pajamas and I’m really happy that I can see them worn on different body types, especially as I’m quite curvy and the fit can be difficult to gauge from the standard model pics. They look perfect for autumn so I’m might just have to splurge!

  4. They look so good and you look amazing in them. I love the feel of silk pj’s and the way you describe them makes me want to get a pair again. I haven’t owned a pair for several years. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have had silk pyjamas in the past and the feeling is fantastic! I love this green colour you chose. I also took a look at their site and they have a great collection.
    Thank you for sharing ☺️

  6. I’ve never had silk pajamas before either so I’m really looking forward to getting mine in! And such a relatable point about not being sure what your body will look like after pregnancy – it takes time to bounce back so having something like fancy pajamas is a great way of still feeling sexy.
    Katie |

  7. i used to love silky pajamas. they feel so cool on the skin. and i love these are also sustainable – as they should! thank you for sharing!

  8. I’ve never owned a pair of silk ANYTHING, crazy enough. Even my pillowcases are satin, not silk. I’d love to treat myself to a pair of these luxurious pajamas at some point. They sound divine!

  9. I hadn’t heard of IDentity Lingerie before, but love the fact that they are sustainable and conscious of how they make items. So great that they are body positive too and allow items made to specific measurements. Love the colour you chose! They look great 🙂

  10. These are so lovely – I’ve always loved the idea of silk pyjamas they seem so luxurious! Love that they’re sustainable too,
    Amy x

  11. I’ve always thought silk pjs to be sexy pjs they look so comfy though and cosy! With a touch of class. I want some now

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