Degustabox September 2021

AD| Degustabox September brought me a lovely selection of new products to try! I’m always excited to open my Degustabox and see what’s inside. Shall…


AD| Degustabox September brought me a lovely selection of new products to try! I’m always excited to open my Degustabox and see what’s inside. Shall we see what’s inside this one?

Also, can you believe it’s the 1st of October? Where has this year gone?

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Choc Chip Brioche Roll – Brioche Pasquier

A regular in Degustabox and if I’m honest, I am getting a bit bored of them always being in the box as I don’t like brioche. My partner eats them though!

Choc Chip Brioche Roll (6pack)
Brioche Pasquier degustabox september

Ciabatta Original – Carr’s

These Italian inspired ciabatta crackers are oven-baked a great base for many tasty snacks! We had them with some cheese and meats. Yum!

Ciabatta Original -  Carr's Degustabox September

Fajita Seasoning Mix & Chicken Taco Seasoning

I’ve tried Santa Maria products before and always loved them. We have fajitas quite often so I can’t wait to try this and then the taco ones.

Fajita Seasoning Mix & Chicken Taco Seasoning Santa Maria Degustabox September

Tomato and Basil Hummus Chips – Eat Real Snacks

I love this brand! I’ve tried loads of their snacks and they are so tasty. They are vegan, full of flavour, crunchy and delicious.

Tomato and Basil Hummus Chips - Eat Real Snacks Degustabox September

Jaffa Jonuts single unit

This is a take on the iconic jaffa cake. It’s a sponge doughnut-shaped ring with orange flavoured filling, covered in dark chocolate. If I’m perfectly honest, it wasn’t that great – I think there was a lack of orange filling. A jaffa cake has a thick bit of jaffa inside it but this just didn’t seem to have the same ratio. MORE JAFFA PLEASE!

Jaffa Jonuts single unit degustabox September

Kelly Loves – Katsuo Udon

Authentic Korean Katsuo broth with a generous portion of Udon noodles, and dried bonito flakes as topping to bring extra umami. Even better, the product is low in fat & sugar. I’ve not tried this yet, I’m saving it for a late night snack one day when I get hungry. I love pot meals like this!

Kelly Loves - Katsuo Udon Degustabox September

Orange Algarve – Compal

I don’t buy cartons of juice enough but I really should as I love it. This was a tasty drink that was a nice change from my usual water!

Orange Algarve - Compal Degustabox September

Passion Fruit – Sumol

My partner nicked this and had it with vodka and ice. He said it was ‘nice and fruity’.

Prince Chocolate / White Chocolate

Remember ‘BN’ biscuits with that annoyingly catchy advert? This reminded me of those! My partner LOVED them.

Prince Chocolate / White Chocolate degustabox september

Nature’s Heart – Protein Almond, Peanut & Double Choc

This bar is a delicious combination of crunchy almonds and peanuts covered in quality dark chocolate from certified sustainable cocoa. Each bar contains 10g of plant protein powered by pea and nuts. They are gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and high in fibre. The perfect snack to keep you going during a busy day.

Nature’s Heart - Protein Almond, Peanut & Double Choc degustabox september


WHY HAS NOBODY EVER TOLD ME ABOUT TOFFIFEE! I’ve seen them loads. We always used to have loads in my old work at Christmas, lots and lots of them. But I’ve never tried them. I honestly just thought they were just normal toffess but they are not. They’re AMAZING. They kind of remind me of Ferrero Rocher but without the biscuit crunch.

Yeah, I ordered this and I’ve bought 3 more boxes since haha.

That’s your lot from this months Degustabox review!

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  1. Hi Corinne,

    An interesting mix, that’s for sure.

    As a fan of Jaffa Cakes, I was so hoping that the Jonuts would be good. Let’s hope that they get the ratios corrected in the near future – they probably won’t though as it will change their costings!

    How much (if any) garlic was in the hummus chips? I hate garlic (and it hates me!) so I have to avoid anything with large amounts in.

  2. Reading this I realize how quickly September flew by! I feel like I was reading your last review of this box only last week . . .
    Toffifee sounds amazing and, as a chocolate lover, the white chocolate sounds pretty good too. I love Carr’s crackers; they taste so good on a cheeseboard with jams and meats and have a lovely snap.
    Thanks for sharing this month’s variety of treats!

  3. Ohh! What a lot of tasty treats.
    We have fajitas all of the time but I love the sound of the Chicken Taco Seasoning. I tried one of the Jaffa Jonuts and wasn’t that impressed. How have you not tried Toffifee’s before. They really are amazing but so easy to eat a whole box without even realising. hehehe x

  4. I read this before going to the supermarket for our weekly grocery run and I am blaming you for the Toffifee and Jaffa Cakes craving…I picked both and I can’t wait to dig in ha!
    Thank you for sharing this Corinne x

  5. it’s a shame you don’t like the brioche buns as they were the first thing that jumped out to me, haha! They look really tasty!

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend 🙂

  6. does everybody just love jaffa? i tossed the box of jaffa cakes i got from someone who was visiting from the u.k. the last time i got ’em because orange-flavoured anything isn’t too appealing to me. lol. my favourite item in this box is definitely the toffiffee! you’re so lucky to be sponsored these, c. they’re frickin’ awesome!! 😀

    also, do you feel like 2021’s going by quickly? i’ve felt like this has been one of the slowest years. i guess it was because we were mostly just at home here.

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