Ultimate Relaxation Techniques for New Mums

AD| Being a new mum has a lot of stress associated with it. Although you will be filled with joy at being a new mum…


AD| Being a new mum has a lot of stress associated with it. Although you will be filled with joy at being a new mum and having a new baby, there are going to be moments where the world seems all too heavy for you. Babies cry, they don’t sleep through the night, and they can be fussy eaters, and ensuring that you are doing right by your child can keep you awake at night. First, let’s make sure you know that you are doing a great job. Second, it’s okay to need some rest and relaxation after having a baby. 

Walks in the park

Going to the park is a great way for you to get out in nature and settle your mind. Walks in the park are also great for unwinding because you can take the baby with you and don’t have to worry about leaving them for a few hours. Walking also soothes your baby and can help them fall asleep for a nap, and when that happens, all your time is for you. Finding a quiet spot in the park will give you the opportunity to relax, meditate, and enjoy your alone time. If working out soothes you, you can also go for a run with your baby through the park. 

Nap times

If you have managed to get your baby on a regimented sleep schedule, get up before your baby. You will be able to work your alone time around them. If it’s possible, get up a bit early before your baby so that you can unwind and get in a good place before starting your day. Just 30-45 minutes is all you need to do a quick 12-minute meditation, sip a cup of coffee, and do some journaling to get your thoughts on the page and out of your head. This bit of clarity will ensure that you stay sharp during the day to take care of yourself and your baby with full rest and a quiet mind. 

Go to the spa

If you can get a sitter, steal some time away for the spa and some massage therapy. Getting a massage is a great way to work the stress out of sore muscles, relieve some remaining soreness from pregnancy and delivery, and rest your entire mind and body. You may even find yourself falling asleep on the table during your massage, and what mom doesn’t need another nap in her day to make herself feel rejuvenated for her new baby. If you can’t be away from your little one, bring the spa to your home and get a mobile massage.

Do yoga with your baby

Mommy and Me yoga classes are super popular. Yoga not only helps you settle your mind and work on the strength of your body, but it also allows you to get in a workout without having to leave your baby with someone you trust. You can find your centre, make your body stronger for all that you have to do in the day, and knowing that you are doing something great for yourself does wonders for your mental health and state of being.

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