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Is Your Business Prepared For These Common Disasters?

Certain incidents have the power to cause catastrophic damage to your business. While some of these incidents could be rare or unlikely, others could be…


Certain incidents have the power to cause catastrophic damage to your business. While some of these incidents could be rare or unlikely, others could be more common and likely than you think. It’s important that you prepare your company against these high risk disasters. Below are just three common disasters that could bring down your business – and how to protect your company against them. 


Most business owners face at least one lawsuit throughout their career. Getting sued can be very expensive – and it can occur for all kinds of reasons from accidentally injuring a customer to wrongfully dismissing an employee. 

How can you protect yourself from lawsuits? The first thing you can do is to assess the common reasons why someone may sue you. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, putting in place strong health and safety measures may help to stop any injuries occurring and therefore prevent any personal injury lawsuits. When it comes to failure to meet promises, you should think carefully about what you promise in contracts and what you say to customers. 

Sometimes lawsuits occur no matter what precautions you put in place. It’s worth having a lawyer on call who can come to your defence in these instances. Insurance schemes such as public liability insurance can meanwhile help to provide compensation. This can save you from having to pay compensation out of your own pocket, possibly preventing you from getting into dangerous debt.

Reputational damage

Reputational damage occurs when a customer, employee or third party publicly criticizes your company. This could be through negative online customer reviews, negative social media comments or even bad press from the media. Reputational damage can lead to loss of customers, which could have a severe negative impact on your business. 

A company’s reputation can come under attack for various reasons. In most cases, it’s for an act of wrongdoing such as poor customer service or a faulty product. Training your staff and putting in place quality control measures can help to promote customer satisfaction, which could help to public criticism. It’s worth noting that sometimes people make false statements (defamation). In these cases, having a lawyer on call can be useful.

If you do get a bad review or bad press and the criticism is genuine, there are ways in which you can repair your reputation. It’s worth encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews to outweigh negative reviews. You can pay PR companies to help you generate positive press or pay an SEO company to help increase the rankings for positive content so that any unflattering content doesn’t appear on the first page of Google. 


Cyberattacks are on the rise. Thieves and fraudsters are often able to extort huge amounts of money from hacking into company records or phishing for information. It’s therefore very important to protect yourself against cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity measures such as using strong passwords, using a secure network and using scanning tools for emails and websites can prevent you from being targeted by a cybercriminal. It could be worth talking to an IT consultant to identify different ways in which you may be able to secure your company digitally.

In case a cyberattack still occurs, having cyberinsurance in place could be useful. Such insurance can pay you compensation in the event of a cyberattack. It’s worth also taking measures such as backing up data. 

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