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How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Small Business

When you run a small business that stemmed from a beautiful passion in your personal life, you will, of course, care deeply about its success….


When you run a small business that stemmed from a beautiful passion in your personal life, you will, of course, care deeply about its success. But with so many small businesses existing that act as your competition, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and help your company thrive in the way it deserves.

One method of success that any entrepreneur will advocate for is personal touches. Nobody likes to shop with a faceless corporation; most people prefer to shop with businesses that have a personality. So how do you breathe life into your small business and help it come across in a personal way? Read on to find out.

How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Small Business
  1. Prioritise customer service talent over previous training or experience. 

When you are hiring new staff for your small business, you should prioritize customer service talent over previous training. Someone could have plenty of qualifications for the job, but be difficult to work with, or not particularly adept at facing customers day today. On the other hand, a natural people-person who is passionate about making customers’ experiences better, with very little experience, could be the answer. By making your customer service a top priority, while providing support and training for the areas of experience that your staff need to catch up on, you are ultimately making your customers the focus of your business. In doing this, you will improve the way your business interacts with its cherished customers, which only serves to humanize your business long term.

  1. Be the face of your business. 

Your small business started with you: your passion, your vision, your ideas, and your bravery in going after what you want. In order to make your business truly personal to you, it’s important that you insert yourself into its narrative. Successful businesses like Deliciously Ella in the UK, for example, show their fans, not just the awesome products they make, but also the people behind them.

You could start an Instagram or TikTok page that details your journey from starting your company until now, helping your customers to feel more deeply connected with your brand and with you as a company owner. This way, people become emotionally invested in your business; when they buy your products, they don’t just buy a faceless object – they buy into your story and your vision as an entrepreneur.

  1. Invest in unique designs.

Design plays a huge part in making your business stand out from the crowd. Think about the most successful brands you can think of: Starbucks, McDonalds, Chanel… All these businesses have hugely memorable logos that have been designed to draw the eye in.

Investing in unique designs and packaging for your products, such as metallic foil tags, personal handwriting on the packaging, eye-catching colors and signature branded packaging will help to solidify your brand in the minds of your customers. When they need a product that you sell, they’ll head straight to you!

In conclusion…

Adding personal touches to your small business takes a little investment, both of time and of money. Use our guide to help you humanize your small business!


  1. I always try and make sure that we’re showing our faces on our small business pages and not just churning out photos of our products (however much I’d rather do that haha!)
    Amy xx

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