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Autumn Decor items I can’t get enough of

I can’t say I’m a massive fan of autumn, actually I kind of hate autumn. I find it quite depressing and really hate the darker…


I can’t say I’m a massive fan of autumn, actually I kind of hate autumn. I find it quite depressing and really hate the darker nights. But the one thing I do like about autumn is the colours and cosiness of autumn decor. I love being at home, so being cosy at home is what these next few months are all about.

I love changing a few items around my house to go with the seasons. These are just small swaps that don’t require a lot of effort and money but make a big difference to your home.

I’ve been browsing the internet again, wishing I had more money than do so I can buy some lovely autumn decor ideas. I may buy a few bits and piece, as I’ve been very good with money lately so should reward myself! Here are some of the autumn decor items I’ve been eying up.

Autumn Decor items I can't get enough of

Autumn Decor Wishlist

Arlo Olive 100% Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Let’s get started with some bedding in this lovely olive colour. It adds a bit of autumn and texture to any bedroom. It’s soft and made from breathable 100% cotton.

Buy it here.

Carina Berber Rug

I love this Berber inspired rug design. It has a traditional Moroccan design with a tasselled finish. It’s dark so perfect for a cosy feel and looks so soft under your feet.

Buy one here.

Jute Pom Pom Circle Rug

This is meant to be for a child’s room but I think it would look lovely in an office space or a cosy reading corner! It’s hand-finished with pompoms which I think is really cute. It’s modern and fun!

Get one here.

Eucalyptus Autumn Bundle

This autumn eucalyptus bundle tied with raffia will bring an autumnal look and feel to your home. It would look lovely in a vase on a sideboard or windowsill. There’s even detailed printing on the leaves that provides a highly realistic feel to them!

Get yours here.

Autumn Orange Eucalyptus Garland

To go with the above, this garland would look great on your mental piece for an extra cosy autumn decor look.

Buy one here.

Dried Pink Sun Spear Bundle

This naturally dried sun spear bundle is a chic pink. You can get different colours but this one really caught my eye, I think it would look lovely displayed in a hallway!

Buy them here.

Artificial Witch Hazel Bundle

I love the pretty colours of this stylish witch hazel bundle. It’s the perfect way to bring autumn inside.

Buy them here.

Black Pot on a Wooden Stand with Plant

How lovely is this black ceramic pot? It’s modern but would also fit well with autumnal colours!

Get it here.

Florals Forever Autumn Protea and Gypsophila Bouquet

Last flower/plant related piece of autumn decor, I promise But how stunning is this bouquet? It’s even delivered in a specialised bouquet box to keep it secure and safe. It’s a bit expensive but beautiful!

Get one here.

Chunky Hand-Knitted Olive Knit Throw

How gorgeous is this hand-knitted in an olive green throw? It will add texture and style to any room and it looks like it’s so snuggly!

Buy it here.

Fulton Pendulum Clock

I love this clock! It’s so classy and has a hint of that old fashioned look and I think it would look beautiful among some autumn decor!

Buy one here.

Jersey Black Bobble Cube

Put your feet up and relax with this bobble cube, perfect for a footrest or to put a tray on with your pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate!

Buy one here.

Teddy Bear Cream V-Shaped Cushion

I mean, one V-shaped cushion isn’t enough, right? This would be so handy for me when breastfeeding to help support my back! It looks so soft!

Get one here.

Amber Set of 3 Votive Candles

These candles have a 7 hour burn time and are held inside a beautiful glass pot that will bring a lovely glow to your room. The stunning Sri Lankan red cinnamon scent sounds amazing!

Buy them here.

Reactive Red Glaze Pepper and Ginger Scented Candle

Another beautiful looking candle, this one with a massive 28 hours burn time. This one is fragranced with a blend of fresh citrus fruit and warm spiced ginger with a woody base of black pepper. Sounds scrummy!

Buy it here.

So those are the things I’ve got my eye on this autumn! Are you planning to try any Autumn Decor items this year?


  1. I love bringing back the throws that were tucked away during the summer. Maybe I should get inspired by you and pick a new one to add to my collection.

  2. I love all the blankets, candles, and other cozy items on this list. That is always my ultimate goal when I start decorating my home for fall. I want everything to by as cozy and warm as possible.

  3. Loved your post! I hate the darkness of autumn as well. Sometimes it’s extremely depressing. Glad you shared this though. I’m going to use some of these ideas in my new home, thank you.

  4. Oooh I’ve looked at some of your items and I got a bit nostalgic when I saw one was from Dunelm Mill! Myself and my Mum would spend hours in here, just browsing. I seriously love it 🙂 Great article. I’m with you. I really hate the darker nights and the cold weather, but I do love Pumpkin Spiced lattes and all of the comfort food.

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