20 Autumn Dresses I Really Want

I have lots of dresses and I am not short of Autumn dresses at all, but I am short of dresses that fit me following…


I have lots of dresses and I am not short of Autumn dresses at all, but I am short of dresses that fit me following the birth of my son and also autumn dresses that I can breastfeed in. So I have bought a couple of new dresses lately that are suitable for autumn.

When it comes to buying new clothes, I always have the goal of buying items of clothing that will last me a long time. Luckily for me, I’ve never really been into the latest fashion trends and just like the clothes I like. So if I love something, I will wear it for many years. I have lots of clothes that I’ve had for years!

autumn dresses rainboy dress

This is currently my favourite dress! It is actually a breastfeeding dress from a website called Stylish Mum. I love that it has little boobs as some of the rainbows. You can get a t-shirt with the pattern for kids, so I could get one for Leo so we could match. How cute would that be? I am waiting to see if they have any Christmas themed dresses coming up, then I might get one!

New Look

New Look always have nice clothes in for a reasonable price. I love the floral burgundy dress! I would probably buy it if it was in a cut that allowed me to whack my boobs out whenever my baby needed.


I recently bought 4 dresses from ASOS but sent two back as they didn’t fit me right.

The two I kept are the third and fourth dresses. I love the third, it’s great for a casual everyday dress but it is a bit short. The fourth dress is the perfect autumn dress! It’s a bit dressy, but not overly so. I should really get some photos of me in it!

Just to clarify, the two I sent back are NOT included in the list. I didn’t like them – one was awful, shapeless material and the other was see-through and about two sizes too small.


The grey knit dress is lovely! I love the nips of fabric around the waist in this dress. I also love the houndstooth – I’ve not had any houndstooth print clothing for a few years now so it’s something my wardrobe is lacking.


I have never bought from Shein until recently. I bought a dress from there which I saw recommended in a Facebook group I am in which is called ‘Can I breastfeed in it?‘ It’s currently in the post so I am hoping it’s good quality as I’ve heard good and bad things about this online shop.

How gorgeous is that floral mesh dress? I don’t have anywhere to wear it but if I do end up having an event to go to, then I might have to buy it! I also love the dalmatian print dress – I love how it nips in the waist. I find that cut flattering for my body shape.

Dorothy Perkins

I love Dorothy Perkin and I’m sad that all the shops are closed. Boohoo has now bought Dorothy Perkins and it now trades online only.

My favourite item out of this selection is the Khaki Non-Print Empire Mini Dress. I love that colour dress and print. I also really like the shirt dress but I worry that it might get a bit hot as the material does look thick.

Have you bought any autumn dresses this year?


  1. I have not been shopping for dresses since early summer and your picks here are great! I believe when it comes to dresses, we have a very similar taste for them! I am eyeing some fall dresses with fall patterns, but like you, I will be wearing them for years to come so I don’t feel too guilty whether it’s a pricy one or a fast fashion item.

  2. I love wearing dresses, especially in Autumn, with tights and boots! Quiz always seem to have a lovely selection of dresses. I love that grey knit dress, might have a search for that on Vinted 🙂 x

  3. Wow!!!!!! Beautiful dresses! I like the first one for New Look and ASOS. So lovely. I haven’t buy any clothes or dresses since this pandemic. Maybe it’s a good time for me to get a new one. At least only one. Hehehe.

  4. I love all of those dresses so much! Especially the red one from New Look and the green one from Shein. I have so many dresses for Autumn – it’s my favorite “dress” season, but I’m sure I’ll end up with more this year.

  5. These dresses are so pretty! I love summer outfit choices so I’m sad to put my tights back on this Autumn haha, but Autumn dresses like this make me hopeful for my Autumn wardrobe. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Oo, I am in love with the fun prints and cuts of the dresses you have found! I only have a couple fall dresses, as I usually end up wearing summer dresses over long sleeves or with a cardigan. I love the idea of getting a couple more proper autumn dresses, especially as the floral burgundy one is so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Your current favourite dress looks pretty.
    I also love the appearance of all 20 (four each from 5 different retailers)
    of the dresses featured above (you have always had excellent taste in dresses)!
    I like:
    The burgundy floral high-neck mini-dress (3 of 4) from New Look;
    The Miss Selfridge polka-dotted red dress from Asos (2 of 4);
    The Grey+Black Polka-Dot Knot Dress from Quiz (4of 4);
    The Floral Mesh Belted Surplice Front Dress from SheIn (3 of 4), and;
    The Dorothy Perkins Mono Floral Long Sleeve Tie Front Midi-Dress (4 of 4).
    All of these dresses look pretty, stylish and comfortable.

  8. I am soo here for Autumn dresses – I love all of your picks. I think our styles are quite similar. I find wrap dresses the most flattering and so easy to go from day to night!

  9. Now I want to go dress shopping haha. These are beautiful dresses & as far as Shein, the quality is hit or miss, but if you read the reviews & check the photos people have uploaded, you can get a good idea if it’s good quality & worth the money.

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