Why I declutter my home regularly

AD | Okay, so I’ve got a confession to me. I’m a bit messy and a bit of a hoarder. My whole life, I’ve had…


AD | Okay, so I’ve got a confession to me. I’m a bit messy and a bit of a hoarder.

My whole life, I’ve had too much stuff compared with the amount of storage I have to put it all in. It doesn’t matter how big or small my home is. Our house basically doubled in size and we gained twice as much storage when we moved to our current house, but it only took a few weeks until I had filled every draw and my wardrobe was JAM PACKED with stuff.

Even when I was a child, I was always having to stuff pyjamas in draws using my trusty ‘shove and stuff’ method as I ran out of room. I carried this habit with me throughout university, living in house shares with friends, living in my flat on my own and then now. I live with my partner, who often gives me the look when he can see my socks poking out the tops. of the drawers that I’ve struggled to close. The look that tells me it’s time to sort my stuff out before the draws collapse.

So have started to declutter on a regular basis to keep on top of everything. I don’t ever seem to buy clothes or anything else other than baby things, so I’m not sure how I seem to accumulate all this stuff! But here we are. So here’s why I declutter my home regularly before I end up needing to use a service like Magneta self storage!

It stops me from being overwhelmed

Every couple of months I tip all the items in my draws out and neatly put everything I want to keep back again. Because I do this regularly, it isn’t too big of a job! I have tried the Marie Kondo folding neatly trick but as much as I love it, it’s just not something I’ll ever stick to. I keep it neat and tidy for a week before I revert back to my shove and stuff method.

So regular upkeep works for me! It stops it from feeling like an overwhelming task

It reminds me of what I have

When I go through my belongings, it reminds me of all the things I have and haven’t used yet. It’s like doing a bit of shopping – I end up with some things that I do want to use. It’s usually things like makeup that I’ve not opened yet that, unread books or clothes I’ve completely forgotten about!

I can give things to charity

We get those charity clothes bags put through our door fairly regularly. This is a bit of a prompt to me to sort a couple of areas of my bedroom! I then have a few things to give to charity which is great as I’ve created my space and I’ve done a good deed.

It keeps things tidy

When you have more empty space, it’s so much easier to keep things tidy! So once you declutter on a regular basis, it means everything can have its own place!

You can clean as you declutter

We recently tackled our kitchen. It was a good chance to sort through all our out of date food (mostly herbs and spices!) and clean out the cupboards. It feels much more organised in the kitchen now and we even planned some meals around what we had in the back of the cupboards. So we saved some money, too!

It’s good for your mindset

Having a clean, clutter-free house has always been something that’s made me feel like I’m in a really good headspace. It’s so true when they say that having a clean home gives you a clear head! It makes me feel so much lighter and motivated to get on with things!

Do you regularly declutter your home?


  1. Luckily my husband and I hate clutter, if we haven’t used it in the last year we usually pass it on.

    Candice x

  2. Great post! It is so important to declutter regularly. I got so overwhelmed after having my two sons. I am finally getting a handle on the clutter. I feel so much better!

  3. Decluttering is very important, I fully agree with you. It would be a shame to keep items in the wardrobe, for example, when I spent money on them, and not wear them because I forgot about them. I agree with all the other aspects too, of course.

  4. Decluttering and cleaning are very therapeutic for me; I love sorting and tidying things as well as heaping up things to say goodbye to. When I am done, the feeling of space and freedom around me is uplifting and awesome, so I love that you do regular declutters too!
    Thanks for sharing some great reasons why decluttering helps us be more mindful. 🙂

  5. Declutter can have a positive impact on mental health. Clutter on the other hand can negetively dampen your mood. When I clean or declutter, the space feels so free, clean and clear. Great post

  6. these are good reasons to declutter more! I am definitely not as good at it as my husband – I don’t mind a little mess but he hates if there is anything out of place. He is so ruthless with going through the kids toys! I’ve been trying to slow my shopping over the years and finally getting in my wardrobe room in our new house helped – it’s so perfect I don’t want to overwhelm it with clothes, which means I buy less. Because I can’t bare to part with too much of it, haha! Need to get better at decluttering.

    Hope your week is going well 🙂

  7. Completely agree that it helps with avoiding being overwhelmed and also knowing what you have. I always find it helpful doing it with clothes at the beginning of the season. It’s such a great tool! x

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