The best baby toys for 0 to 6-months-olds

Leo is now 8 months old, I’ve been meaning to post about the best toys for 6-month-old babies for a while but I’ve not gotten…


Leo is now 8 months old, I’ve been meaning to post about the best toys for 6-month-old babies for a while but I’ve not gotten around to it.

Being a first-time parent, I had no idea what toys to buy Leo. Or what toys were good for each age. Leo was born in November, so for his first Christmas, he was 4 weeks old. It was the perfect opportunity to buy him toys that he could play with over the next few months. Some toys we bought were more used than others. So that’s why I wanted to take this chance to write about the best baby toys for 0 to 6-month-old babies.

Leo didn’t really pay attention to any toys until he was around 4 weeks. At this point, he couldn’t hold toys but would track them with is eyes. Also, if he was crying, toys that played noise made him stop. It wasn’t until about 8 weeks that he was able to focus more and show little smiles and happiness in response to toys.

I recommend the first toys you get your baby to be something that is bright and has sounds. A flashing light for them to focus on and a musical toy would be ideal!

Here are the best toys we got for Leo

The best baby toys for 0 to 6-months-olds - cute baby boy sat up

Toy Boxes

First things first – we wanted to get somewhere to put Leo’s toys in the living room so I bought these folding fabric toy boxes. They’re great for putting all his toys away in the evening after a hard day of playing! We keep them in the living room just behind the door. There’s a larger one and a smaller boy and you can carry them from room to room if needed as they are only small!

Buy them here.

Baby sensory box

From 4 weeks.

The baby sensory boxes are a lot of fun! From around 4 weeks we started to use a flashing toy in ours to wave in front of him and he would track it with his eyes. He also used his foil blanket for around 6 weeks and really enjoyed wigging around on it and making noise with the foil sheet. There are lots of different things you can do with each item to help them explore sound, sight, touch and sound.

He also really loved the rattles as Leo has always been very responsive to noise. When he was crying he would stop when we shook rattles near him. He also loves the rainbow ribbon too and will still watch it now if we shake it so he can watch all the colours!

I would say the sensory boxes contain items that are good for different ages. As he got older he didn’t like the foil blanket as much! Ours also had bubbles inside but he couldn’t see the bubbles for the first few months!

Get one here.

Bright Stars Prop Mat

From 6 weeks.

This mat is so simple but it’s been something we’ve used a lot! From when Leo was about 6 weeks old, he would lay on the floor on his own. We would have him on this mat while we played with him. He would also lay there waving his arms and wiggling his legs for a while which was great for us as for so long, he would only be held.

We take it with us when we go to other peoples houses too so we can lay him on the floor. It’s perfect if he is sick as it can just in the washing machine. We still use it at 8 months and will continue to use it until he can crawl!

I’m sure you can get lots of different types of mats and there isn’t anything particularly special about this one, but a mat is a must!

Buy one here.

O Ball Gift Set

From 6 weeks

baby holding an o ball

The O Ball is such a great toy! It was the first thing that Leo was able to hold as his fingers could get a good grip of it and still remains a firm favourite at 8 months. It’s a great toy to help them develop their holding skills and holding something with both hands. At first, he could hold it and shake it, now he can easily pass it between both hands, drop it and pick it up again.

Buy it here.

Soft Rattles

From 8 weeks

These were good to show to Leo before 8 weeks, he tracked them and responded to the sound but after a couple of weeks of holding the O Ball, he was finally able to hold these too. As they are soft, I didn’t need to worry about him hitting himself in the face with them when he started to learn that if he shook them, they made a noise.

It was great to see him explore the fact that HE was making the noise when he shook them.

Buy them here.

Jungle Gym.

From 12 weeks

Leo didn’t use this until he was about 3 months old (I think a lot of babies use them sooner, but he hated being laid on his back due to reflux!) but it was a firm favourite for months. He’s only just stopped using it daily at 8 months. He loved bashing the dangling toys! He would play on his own for ages. He’s starting to use it a bit less now as he prefers to sit independently.

This thing saved my sanity though as I could leave the room to make coffee and breakfast in the morning (I kept popping in and out) and sit and drink my coffee while he played on his own. Then he learned to roll so I had to stop leaving the room without him!

Get one here.

Cow Rattle

From 12 weeks

This is a toy we attached to the jungle gym, that I was recommended by a friend. I swear he would not have loved it as much without the cow! When we stop using the mat, we will keep the cow rattle for sure! It makes a noise similar to a cowbell and he loves it.

Buy it here.

baby with a fox book toy

Fox Book.

From 12 weeks

This was another toy that he loved to hold! He’s spent hours holding this, squeezing it and inspecting it. I’m not sure what it is about the particular fox book, but he prefers it over any other crinkly books or toy. We do have a few others but he just isn’t interested in them!

Buy one here.

Match Stick Monkey Elephant Teeth

From 20 weeks

This is a classic teether. It’s easy for babies to hold and put in their mouths. The head of the monkey has textured hair which feels nice on their gums.

Buy it here.

Nuby Icy Bites Keys

From 20 weeks

This is another classic teether toy that you can put in the freezer to freeze the gel. This then helps your baby with any teething pain they have and it’s also good for them to hold and shake

Buy them here.

Activity Rattle Toy

From 20 weeks

Leo has always been so curious about this. When I first got it for him, he wasn’t so good at holding it and exploring it on his own, so I would have to show him how to use it but he was fascinated with it. Over time, he’s earned how to hold it himself and explore the different things on the toy to keep him entertained. It’s really good for their fine motor skills!

Get one here.

baby holding soft block toys

Soft Building Blocks

From sitting

I love these blocks! We can spend hours building them and he knocks them back down. They are also great for teething and can even be used in the bath as they float. We keep 4 in the bathroom for bath time fun and the rest downstairs. We also put them in the paddling pool for him to place with.

Buy them here.

baby holding baby einstein light bar

Glow & Discover Light Bar

From sitting

Another toy that is great for when your baby is sitting. It has songs, colours, piano sounds and animal names in English, French and Spanish. It can also be used to encourage tummy time but Leo has never been a fan of that and prefers to bash it from sitting.

Buy one here.

baby in highchair with fisher price high chair toy

Highchair toy

From sitting

When you start getting your baby ready for their high chair, high chair toys can be great for getting them used to being sat in their chair. Leo would sit in his while I would wash the pots and clean the kitchen.

Buy one here.

Leo has a lot of toys, but I’ve found most of them are too old for him to use properly and he tends to grow into them. Leo has never been partially fixated on one toy, teddy or comforter. Typically, he has a short attention span so will play with one toy for a bit then want something else. His most used toys are the fox book, soft rattles and OBall.

If you have kids, I’d love to hear about what toys your baby loves.


  1. Some great points here! The fabric toy box is especially a great idea as they’re starting to toddle around. They’re far safer and will prevent injuries as he grows. Ps he’s an absolute cutie pie and an exceptionally well dressed toddler

  2. This was such an interesting post that I will use for sure later on! He’s growing up so much! Love the idea of soft blocks as they are quite versatile in use and also love the idea of storing all the toys in fabric boxes, at least they’re much easier to move! x

  3. Aw, Leo is so cute! Bless him! There’s so many amazing ideas here, I’m sure this post will be really helpful to new parents x

  4. My LG is 5 months old and the soft stacking cubes and soft books are a firm favourite along with anything from Lamaze!

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