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Degustabox review // July 2021

AD | I feel like the July Degustabox might have been my favourite box so far. I love it when the boxes are full of…


AD | I feel like the July Degustabox might have been my favourite box so far. I love it when the boxes are full of snacks, rather than cooking ingredients!

Let’s see what was in this box!

Fox’s After Darks / Little Lifts / Summer Punch

I love Fox’s sweets. I lived on Fox’s mints during pregnancy as they really helped my nausea and smell aversions. The packets of sweets are delicious! I’m not sure which I like the most as they’re all rather different but I just tend to grab one or two every time go to the kitchen.

St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls

This is one of the two products that I wasn’t bothered about as I just don’t like brioche bread. I’ve told my partner to eat them!

Bull’s Eye – Original BBQ Sauce

This is a staple in our home. My partner loves it and we buy it all the time so it was nice to have something we regularly use and need. He puts it on everything, whereas I’m more of a chilli mayo kind of girl!

Lindt – Nocciolatte Milk Hazelnut/ Noccionoir Dark Hazelnut

A bar of whole hazelnuts and smooth hazelnut praline filling, coated in delicious milk or dark chocolate, crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatier. This was delicious and I could have done with a few hundred more!

Pot Pasta

I mean, these are just what you expect them to be. I had the tomato one and my partner had the carbonara. They were good for a quick lunch but I wouldn’t say they’re anything amazing!

Three Fold Hard Seltzer

I’m not generally an alcohopop/cocktail fan so this drink is not my personal choice, but it was refreshing to have one afternoon when I wanted a drink. It would be nice on a hot day with some ice!


Don’t know what more I can say about this. Everyone loves Smarties. They are a classic. They now come in paper packaging, hurrah!

McCoy’s Fire Pit Peri Peri / McCoy’s Fire Pit Chorizo

I love McCoy’s crisps and these new flavours from the Fire Pit range are delicious. I’m here for anything with chorizo so they were my favourite!

Blackcurrant Jaffa Cakes

These Blackcurrent Jaffa Cakes are alright but I don’t understand why they keep trying to make new flavours when they’ve already got the perfect combo with orange! Nothing will ever beat an original Jaffa Cake!

Love Corn – Cheese & Onion

Why did they send me such a small packet? I need more of these. They have so much flavour on them! They’re a great alternative to crisps, plant based, gluten free and delicious!

Taylors Of Harrogate Coffee Bags

I love these. They’ve changed my life and I’ve already bought two more boxes! I love coffee but making it can be a pain, so this make it so much easier. I have one in a morning. It’s cheaper than my Tassimo Lattes. too!

Firefly Drinks Peach & Green Tea

I’m sure this is nice enough but green tea is not for me. And cold green tea is even more not for me, so a pass on this one please!

That’s your lot from this months Degustabox review!

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