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6 gift ideas for pet lovers

AD| Whether you know someone who is obsessed with their dog, their cat, (or both), there are many great gifts that they will be more…


AD| Whether you know someone who is obsessed with their dog, their cat, (or both), there are many great gifts that they will be more than thrilled to receive. From clothes and toys to accessories and food, many of these products are perfect for any pet lover.

It can be so hard to think of unique gifts for people. As adults, we tend to buy what we want so it can be unclear what to get someone you know who has a birthday or special occasion coming up. If the person that you know loves their animal, then a pet-related gift is a perfect choice. It’s an idea that will most likely make them feel moved and happy. Dogs and cats are our best friends after all. They unconditionally love us and we cannot be without them. They provide love, emotional support, and even help us to stay healthy.

We see dogs as our protectors and guardians. The love they give is something that humans want just as much as their own children. Most pets know when we are sad or happy, which is why they always try to cheer us up when we are feeling down.

Many people have strong ties with their pets because of the bond that has been created over time, especially if a pet has been a source of comfort and happiness when someone has gone through a hard time. There is no doubt that these animals who never judge, never leave out in need, and never hold a grudge have become an important part of many people’s lives in this world.

Giving your friend a pet-related gift for their birthday will surely show them that you care about them and pay attention to what they love. This kind of present is something that they would appreciate and love to have. It will also show how much time you’ve put into making it personal and thoughtful.

Pets are a part of the family, we joke and say our cat Annabelle is our first child, but we do really mean it. We love her so much! So any pet owner would love a pet-related gift.

Me and Annabelle

We all know a pet lover. They might collect all sorts of items related to their favourite animals. And if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for that person in your life who loves their pet as much as you do, here are 6 great ideas for gifts for pet lovers.

Pet Painting

How many people treat their pets as king or queen? Our cat is absolutely the ruler of the house. Leo is trying to take her title but we all know who is really in charge.

Now you can get your a pet portrait of your beloved furry friend dressed up as a king, queen or a number of other important titles. Then you can mount it in a prime position in your home. Exactly like they deserve to be.

It’s so simple to get your own pet portrait! You just need to select which costume you want your pet on, upload your photo, ensuring it follows the photo guidelines and one of the skilled designs well get to work. You are then sent a preview of the design and if you’re happy with how it looks, your image will be printed, packed and then sent to you. You can read a bit more about how it works here.

My friend got one of these pet portraits for Christmas and she laughed for hours. She sent me a photo of it and it’s perfect. Her cat is so regal so seeing him dressed as royalty was very funny and the portrait now sits on a shelf in her living room.

I’m now imagining my cat in this princess image.

Pet portraits really are the gift that keeps on giving, not only give great pleasure to the person getting the gift, but every time someone comes over and sees it hung on your home, it will bring a smile to their faces!

Pixels Photo Art also has custom portraits for humans, offers photo restoration to so you can bring old photos of your grandparents and older relatives back to life and sells memorial gifts.

Where Wally Dog Books?

Lots of places sell personalised dog book is your dogs personalised version of Where’s Wally. Everyone loves Where’s Wally and now you can search for your own dog in double-paged scenes. This would make a great coffee table book and a good thing to get out when you have company or guests with kids, as well as being a great keepsake of your pet for years and years to come!

I remember playing with Where’s Wally books when I was a child and spending ages looking for him so it’s the type of gift that will be sure to cause nostalgia!

Chocolate gifts

Chocolate is a great gift because it is delicious and it is one of the most popular foods in the world. It has a wide variety of flavours and forms, including chocolate bars, cocoa powder, hot chocolate mix, and baking chocolate.

Chocolate can be given in all kinds of different ways. It can be given as a gift on its own or accompanied by other gifts such as flowers or wine. You could give it to someone for their birthday or as a thank you gesture. Chocolate is used for many occasions because it’s tasty and goes well with so many different things.

It is a go-to gift for many people, but why not go one step further for a friend who is a dog lover?

Lots of places sell pet shaped chocolate!

Custom Socks

People are always looking for the perfect gift. For some, it’s hard to find something they will love and appreciate. That’s where socks make a great gift. It is the type of gift that will be of use, which is always a bonus!

There are so many reasons why socks make a great gift. They are easy to find, they come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes, and the best part is that you can choose which one matches their interests or personality the best.

Do you want a picture of your doggo on your socks? Of course, you do, everyone does! They make good stocking fillers (sorry!) or birthday presents. Lots of these pet socks take a photo of a dog and print them onto a sock.

Custom Mug

Mugs have been a popular gift item for years. They are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to find.

Mugs make for a good gift idea because they are inexpensive but don’t seem cheap. They can be personalized, so they feel more personal. Mugs also allow the receiver to say something about themselves through their choice of design or picture on the mug – which is always fun!

Now we all love mugs to have something that shows our personality, this would be a lovely gift for a work colleague. If you have your own mugs in your workplace, a pet mug would sit lovely on their desk. A little reminder of their pet through the working day!

Cat Mum t-shirt

Most of us have a friend that LOVES cats and is a certified, self-confessed crazy cat lady. I mean, who needs a man (or woman) when you’ve got cats! The perfect companion for anyone who loves a snuggle without having to take a pet for a walk a few times a day. You can get cat Mum tops or other items of clothing that will make any crazy lady proud to show the world how much they love their fluffy friends!

Do you know anyone with a pet? If you do, what gift would they link the most?

I think I’d like the pet portrait to have in my hallway or Where’s Wally Name book as it really is something that can be used over and over again. I imagine having friends over for a few drinks and getting it out to see how can find the dog first! It makes a change from playing Cards Against Humanity which has now got a bit boring after playing it too many times.

Looking for a gift for your pet? Check out this post.


  1. Great gift ideas! I’m always in the market for gifts for pet lovers. All my friends are pet owners – in fact they would go as far as to say that their pets are their babies.

  2. These are such cute ideas. Also, your cat is absolutely adorable – she looks exactly like my two tabbys! I really like the idea of personalised socks, as well as a mug. I have cat cushions which help me cope without them at uni.

  3. I literally must have bought every pet gift under the sun. Mugs, calendars, socks, personalised books, puzzles – you name it! Pet themed gifts are great though and these are fab ideas! xx

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