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2 Summer-Ready Updos You Can Style At Home

AD | You wish for better weather all winter long. You blissfully hope for some sun or to be relaxing on a beach somewhere enjoying…


AD | You wish for better weather all winter long. You blissfully hope for some sun or to be relaxing on a beach somewhere enjoying the waves. 

But you rarely remember how sweaty, sticky and sometimes unpleasant the summer can be, especially when you’re talking about hair! 

There’s nothing worse than when you’re out and about, but your hair won’t stop sticking to your face and neck because of the humidity. But nowadays, there are so many things and styles you can do to help your hair stay thick, luscious and summer-ready. Think protective styling sprays or even hair extensions to give you added volume and bounce without going overboard with those damaging products!

You want to be as carefree as possible during the summer, so here are some hairstyles that you can try to stay and look cool all summer long.

Buns, Hun! 

From May to September, you’ll want to keep a couple of extra hairbands on hand at all times since the top knot bun is going to be your closest buddy.

Sleek Summer Bun

You don’t want to put your hair up in a messy bun, but you want it off your neck. For a simple summer haircut, go for a super-cute sleek bun. Use a non-flaky hair gel that will give you a firm hold and leave your hair looking glossy to keep any flyaways and frizz to a minimum.

Space Buns

Space buns are a timeless classic because they appear sleek and cool with minimal effort required. You can achieve that perfectly put together vibe with almost no hassle! Simply tie two little buns on either side of your head with an elastic or bobby pin. 

This style is most straightforward with a middle parting, but you may want to be more creative and position the buns wherever you choose. Go wild! They’re ‘space’ buns, after all…


Ponytails have been overtaken as an easy go-to hairstyle in recent years by the top bun. Still, they don’t forget how versatile, elegant, and practical a ponytail is – especially when it’s hot outside, and you have no option but to leave the air-conditioned comforts of home.

High Pony

The High Pony is the perfect go-to summer look. Make sure to sweep your hair back and fasten the elastic hairband tightly for the perfect high pony. Add a hairpin to the bottom of the ponytail pointing up to add a bit extra volume. Your hair will hide it, but it gives your pony a bit extra oomph without having to pull and tighten it all the time.

Plus, if you’re after a high pony with some extra volume, add hair extensions! With a wide range of clip in hair extensions designed explicitly for updos, you can say goodbye to those thin pony woes and say hello to thick, bountiful locks. 

Messy Ponytail Wrap

This ponytail looks excellent on second-day hair or even bed hair because it enhances any natural texture or curls that may still be present. Pull your hair back into a ponytail at the base of your neck. Don’t fuss about the details, as this is a messy style. 

To keep the pony in place, use an elastic. To disguise the elastic, pull a little bit of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around it. End it with a bobby pin and use some hair spray, and you’re good to go.

All these hairstyles are sure to make sure you stay cute and trendy whilst keeping cool this summer. The looks mentioned above are all super easy to achieve and maintain.

You can even consider adding hair extensions to these hairstyles, allowing extra volume and length for the updos and ponytails. Why not experiment, adding some gorgeous colours to your looks that gives that pop of something special to these perfect summer styles.

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