Why You Should Not Give Up On Your Dream To Study As a Working Mum

You might have been wanting to return to studying at some point but your career and having children has been keeping you occupied in the…


You might have been wanting to return to studying at some point but your career and having children has been keeping you occupied in the meantime. However it is never too late if there is a particular course you would like to study or a qualification you would like to add to your skillset. So if you are thinking about it then you should absolutely do it if it interests you. 

Helps You Plan Your Days

You might already have this skill mastered, but being able to efficiently plan your day will enable you to prioritise what you need to do with regards to looking after your child/children, completing your work tasks and fitting in study time. This will help you structure your day and enable you to work through your to-do list. 

Beneficial For Keeping Your Brain In Tip Top Condition

Studying later on in life can be beneficial for cognitive function as it enables you to keep your mind sharp by encouraging it to learn new things and promote memory retention. This will be important to keep your brain working hard for as long as possible. There is no age limit when it comes to studying. 

Allows You To Brush Up On Your Writing Skills

It can be quite difficult to get back into writing mode when you have not written an academic essay since you were at school over 20 years ago. There are professional services available that can look over your work and provide the necessary feedback that you need to be able to write a coherent and well-structured piece. This can provide you with the confidence you need to improve your writing skills for your written exams. 

Boosts Your Self Esteem

A benefit of learning later on in life will keep you a huge sense of purpose and achievement. You might have struggled with confidence issues when you were at school and believed perhaps that you were not good enough to pursue a particular topic. Trying later on in life will enable you to cast those doubts and self-esteem issues aside by following your ambition. There is no order in which you must obtain your goals, so try not to compare yourself to others. Also, women can often lose themselves in motherhood so studying is a way to do something for yourself as a reminder that you’re more than just a mum.

Provides Your Children With a Positive Role Model

If your child/children can see how well you have managed to navigate through life by becoming financially independent, starting a family and following your own dreams and interests, this will instil a good positive attitude for them that you should always follow what you want to achieve in life and be happy doing it. You will be setting a great example to your child/children to encourage them to pursue their own dreams in life. 

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