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7 Wedding Day Tips to Keep in Mind After Lockdown

AD| We are getting married in April next year, which is exciting but also scary! After we got engaged, we booked our wedding for February…


AD| We are getting married in April next year, which is exciting but also scary! After we got engaged, we booked our wedding for February 2020 and it was planned for April 2021. The month after we booked it, we were in lockdown and I was pregnant. Initially, we thought that this whole ‘corona thing’ would be over in a few months and felt glad that our wedding was a year away. Especially as so many people were having to cancel or replan theirs.

Well, we didn’t do any planning as we weren’t really sure what was going on. In October, when I was 8 months pregnant we went to our wedding venue to speak to them about our options. We’re very lucky that we had the option to either go ahead with the wedding with 15 guests or pick another date. So we picked the following year and now I have a wedding to plan! I need to plan my wedding dress, look into what rings we want, sort out flowers and research some wedding and prom car hire ideas.

With things opening up again, while cases are still rising, I am still a bit wary of if it will actually happen or not. Who knows what will happen over the next few months or if another variant will hit us, so it’s important that we consider the possibility of still taking precautions for coronavirus for our wedding. Here are some of the things we will be looking into.

Wedding tips after lockdown

1. Consider a venue change to an outdoor location

We all know that being outdoors can prevent the spread of Covid. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider having your ceremony outside. Naturally, the first benefit is that it can be much more beautiful than inside. Outdoor venues can provide a refreshing, new atmosphere that may be more memorable for your guests than indoor venues. Outdoor venues also provide opportunities to add creative backdrops to your wedding venue, which can provide great wedding photos. Although it’s important to keep weather patterns in mind when considering an outdoor wedding venue.

Another benefit is that outside locations can accommodate larger numbers of guests. If you are interested in a venue with an outdoor space, there are plenty to choose from.

Your guests will have more opportunities for photos and memories because they will be able to take in the full beauty of the location and surroundings.

2. Use social media to stream your wedding

Social media is a great way to share your wedding day with loved ones who couldn’t be there. You can live stream your wedding so those who are unable to attend due to covid can still join in on your special day.

3. Send photos of the venue and other details to guests beforehand

When it comes to weddings, there are many details to take care of. Guests want to know what they should wear, where the ceremony will be held and how early they should arrive. Sending photos of the venue and other details such as how you are taking precautions against covid by email or text beforehand could help them feel more relaxed.

4. Include a gift for guests who are not able to attend your wedding

With coronavirus cases increasing, there’s a possibility that some people may not be able to attend due to isolation or if they are shielding. Send them a gift to enjoy. For example, if you are streaming your wedding, get an afternoon tea delivered to them so they can enjoy it while watching your special day.

Or you could send a little hamper with a small bottle of champagne and some chocolates.

5. Ask guests to do a lateral flow test before

Although lateral flow tests are not 100% reliable, they are all that we have to help us stay protected. Request that all guests take a lateral test before attending the wedding so you feel safe to enjoy your wedding, knowing you have taken precautions to prevent the spread.

6. Put masks on each chair

Get some satin masks made that are made from the same colour as your wedding theme and put them on the chairs at the ceremony, or hand them out with the welcome drinks. This can set the scene that you are keen to keep people safe, but also can prevent any brought or out there masks from being caught in the corner of wedding photos!

7. Be prepared for dropouts

It’s time to mentally prepare yourself for people to cancel at the last minute due to having to isolate. This might include guests, bridesmaids or even your photography. It might be a good idea to have some contacts that you are able to draft at the last minute if you need to replace someone that played an important part in your day.

Have you had to cancel or rearrange a wedding during the pandemic?


  1. A timely post. It’s so very important to think of ways to keep your guests safe in these uncertain times. I love that you’ve thought about guests who may not be able to make it in person and the gift is a really great touch.
    All the best to you.

  2. Great advice. My husband and I got married during lockdown and had only 10 people present at the wedding. We had a very, very small gathering of the same people afterwards at our house and we used the outside space so that everyone was able to distance. I’d be happy to do a write up for you should you ever want it 🙂

  3. These are all amazing tips! I think the idea of streaming the wedding for people taht can be there is such a great way to keep them in the cerimony and the idea of getting satin masks is amazing! x

  4. Oo, I love this post! So many people in my family have been married recently. Before when I never had a way to join in the celebration, I can now join via Zoom. It is so beautiful to be able to watch the smaller in-person parties and celebrations and feel as if I am there.

    I love your idea of having satin masks made; I would keep mine forever.
    Thanks for sharing and may your plans go ahead smoothly with much joy.

  5. I am so ready to set a date it’s unreal and any type of wedding post makes me want to to do it so bad! But I’m really worried about setting anything up atm just incase. These are great tips, thank you for sharing, definitely keeping them in mind.

  6. Brilliant tips! I went to my cousins wedding yesterday which was the most lovliest thing All the guests took a lateral flow test before hand, as well as almost everything being outside. I felt very safe there and had an amazing time x

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